The Chief Commissioner of Australia has received a number of complaints from members (and family members) of the Queensland Branch which have been referred back to the Chief Commissioner’s Office to address.

It is important that all members follow the correct procedures outlined in Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions 3.10 Grievances and Disputes. Scouts Australia is a federation and therefore the Chief Commissioner of Australia or the National Office have no ability to investigate grievances and or disputes.

Please note that all complaints being escalated to the Chief Commissioner’s Office when related to all forms of abuse should be submitted in writing and emailed to These are immediately passed to the Queensland Police Service for investigation and no action is taken by Scouts Queensland at that time.

All other grievances and disputes should be resolved (where possible) at a local level but if related to actions such as fraud are passed to the General Manager to have investigated.

Action from the Chief Commissioner’s Office will be taken if the complaint is vexatious.

a) Complaint: includes a grievance or dispute.
b) Vexatious complaint: a complaint meant to bother, embarrass or cause legal expense to the Association. A vexatious complaint is a form of abuse as it has the power to hurt or disrupt another person’s life and may result in psychological injury.
c) Victim: means the victim of a crime. In the case of property crime it means the owner or person responsible for the property. In the case of a crime against a person, such as an assault, it means that person or the parent or guardian of that person.
d) Sexual offence: means an act of a sexual nature that could be a crime. It includes the downloading, possession, viewing or displaying of pornography involving children.
e) Child abuse: includes the assault of a child by an adult or a sexual offence where one party is an adult.
f) Investigating member: means the person appointed to resolve or attempt to resolve a complaint