Scouter Skills

For some time I have listened to Leaders expound on why they are unable to attend any of the activities that are aimed at providing continuous development. In past years Scout Out has been cancelled due to low numbers with reasons such as too far to travel, too expensive and too long being the most common. Scout Out was a very valuable weekend for learning new or updating old skills and networking with other Scout Leaders.

To address some of the major concerns we will be conducting ongoing skills days to make it easier for you. These development opportunities will be one day only, at very little cost and will move around the Regions so you don’t have to travel too far. It is intended to conduct one of these days a term but I am happy to increase the frequency if the demand is there. Each successive day will be in a different Region so a lot of travel will not be involved. You can wait for us to come to you or come to every one if you wish.

The first day is planned for the 30th May at Karingal. Hopefully we should pick up a lot of leaders from Brisbane South, South East and Gold Coast Regions but please don’t feel limited to just these Regions. The program for this day will include pioneering, navigation and cooking. If Leaders have any specific requirements I am happy to pick up on these and be flexible with the program. Detailed information will be emailed out in the next few days but please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information in the meantime.

SSS 2015

A rush of expressions of interest has flowed in for SSS which has seen the numbers swell. This camp is a great opportunity to complete the requirement for 3 consecutive nights under canvass and hone your camping skills prior to the Jamboree. Outside of the Jamboree this is the biggest and closest thing you will get with a wide range of exciting activities and hundreds of other Scouts to socialise with, not to mention getting in touch with your thespian side with a visit to the Gang Show.

Application forms have now been sent out to the Patrol Leaders for them to complete and select the activity preferences for the weekend. Please make sure that they have received them and are getting underway with the next phase.

A few places are still available so if your PLs haven’t sent in their expressions of interest yet then don’t delay. The closing date for the receipt of final applications is a firm date so please bear this in mind so that your Scouts aren’t disappointed through the lack of planning.


I’ve just returned from a JCC (Jamboree Consultative Committee) meeting at Cataract Park to go over the final details of the Jambore and emergency management. The JCC is comprised of all Contingents and the JEC (Jamboree Executive Committee) from the host state. Cataract park is looking in excellent condition even though it was a wet and soggy weekend. Various teams were busy with a lot of work being done with hazzard reduction and clearing of the campsites.


During the 3 days we covered all aspects of the Jamboree’s organisation and it is shaping up to be a fantastic event with non stop action from the minute we step off the bus.

Many applications have come in so far but I suspect that there are a few out there that are a bit casual about it and still to be acted on. Our applications will be closing on the 30th of June. To make this date your application and payment needs to have been received and processed so its definitely not a case of emailing it at 11:59pm on the 30th June. Any applications processed after this date will attract a late fee from the JEC of $100.

A number of queries have been coming in from applicants wanting email notifications for receipt of the applications and payments as well as being notified of status updates to their online application. Could please pass on to those in your sphere of influence that we are unable to respond to all of these individual requests but we will however provide receipts for payment as per the conditions provided in the supplementary information.


The Lord Baden-Powell Society is a donor society and division of Scouts Australia whose 1200 members help young Australians experience the benefits and joys of Scouting through providing private financial support.

Thank you to those that have completed and submitted an application for an LBPS grant so far. The closing date for application is the 15th May and this is fast approaching. A short period after this date the decision will be made so as not keep you hanging. Those receiving a grant will have funds credited directly to their Jamboree application notified of their success. To obtain an application form visit the Qld Contingent website – soon!

If you would like more information about the Lord Baden-Powell Society, to become a member or make a donation please visit

“It is risky to order a boy not to do something; it immediately opens to him the adventure of doing it.” – Sir Robert Baden-Powell

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