How easy it is for us to see something and then say, without knowing all the facts, something that may not be appropriate or nice. It behoves us to think before we open our mouths and say something that we might regret later. This little story puts it all into perspective.

It was a sunny day, but the climate was enjoyable. Everyone in the railway station was waiting for the train to arrive. Among the crowd, there was a group of friends, who were on board because they were going on holidays together.

It was a busy station with a juice shop, a mobile restaurant, coffee and tea stalls, newspaper shop, etc. The announcement regarding the arrival of the train was made and everyone prepared to get into the train to their appropriate places.

The group of friends made loud noise to welcome the train as it entered the station. They ran to get their reserved seats before anyone could get into the train.

The empty seats were filled and the train whistled to move. An old man with a young boy aged around 15 years came running to catch the train. They entered the train and the train started to move. They had their seats just adjacent to the friends’ group.

The young boy was so surprised to see everything. He acclaimed at his father, ‘Dad, The train is moving and the things are moving backwards!’

His father smiled and nodded his head.

As the train started moving fast, the Johnnie again screamed, ‘Dad the trees are green in colour and run backward very fast.’ His father said, ‘Yes Johnnie’ and smiled.

Just like a kid, he was watching everything with great enthusiasm and happiness loaded with tons of surprises.

A fruit seller passed selling apples and oranges. The Johnnie asked his dad, ‘I want to eat apples.’ His father bought him apples. He said, ‘Oh, I love the colour of the apple and it tastes so sweet.’

The group was watching all the activities of this boy and asked the boy’s father ‘Is your son having any problem? Why is he behaving very differently?’

A friend from the group made fun of him and shouted, ‘His son is mad I think.’

The Johnnie’s father, with patience, replied to the friend-group. ‘My son was born blind. Only a few days ago he was operated on and now he can see!’ He is seeing various things in his life for the first time.’

The young friends became very quiet and apologized to his father and to Johnnie.

Think Before You Speak.

Good Scouting

Iain Furby
Deputy Chief Commissioner Special Duties