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Did you know Brisbane Gang Show presents 2 Joey Scout and Cub Scout matinees each year? On Saturday the 4th July and 11th July 2015 the Brisbane Gang Show will convert the foyer into a hive of activities for all Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts. Activities will include face painting, colouring competitions, arts and crafts plus my team and I will be running a small activity base. Brisbane Gang Show also offers all uniformed Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts a special price of $13.00 per ticket.

So get your Mob and Pack together and join the Brisbane Gang Show for a great afternoon out. For bookings head to or call 3077 6854 (if no answer please leave a message and someone will get back to you).


Have you scheduled Joey Scout Jaunt into your calendar? Just in case you have missed out on what is happening, let me refresh your memory. Joey Scout Jaunt will run on Saturday 01 August 2015 at BP Park, Cash Avenue, Samford, commencing at 10.00 am with an opening parade.

This year our theme is ‘Knights of the Joey Scout Circle’ and we are inviting all leaders and Joey Scouts to attend in appropriate costume. We do ask that Mobs providing bases have their vehicles off Boys Field by 9.00 am and are ready to commence after opening parade. Don’t forget we are also having a Campfire at 2.30 pm followed by a birthday cake celebrating our 25 years as a Joey Scout Section.

When registering your Mob can you also tell me what base you are running so that I can advertise this ahead of time. For the registration form and more information please go to the Queensland Scout website.


There are times when there is a spare moment between a game, a craft, while waiting for the next activity or just before closing parade when you want to keep the Joey Scouts busy; following are some one minute challenges you may wish to try with your Mobs:

Minute Challenge Minute Challenge
Given a tennis ball, the Joey Scout counts how many times he catches the ball after he bounces it off a wall. With a partner, Joey Scouts sit face-to-face, hands up, palm to palm. Clap right hand to right hand, left to left for a minute.
Joey Scouts in a line do a leap frog. How many Joey Scouts can be leapt in a minute? With a partner, do a staring contest for the time.
Two Joey Scouts stand back to back. One has an object they pass over their head followed by between the legs. How many times can they do this in sixty seconds? Joey Scouts in pairs take turns trying to make each other laugh.
Paired Joey Scouts count how many times they can catch a ball that is bounced back and forth between them. How far and how long can they crab walk?
Balance on one foot for a minute. Challenge them to close their eyes and stay balanced for the minute. How many times can the Joey Scouts hop on a foot for sixty seconds? Let them alternate feet. What about two feet?
Each Joey Scout blows an inflated balloon as far as they can in a minute. With Joey Scouts sitting in a circle, how many times can they pass an object around the circle? Make it more difficult by passing two objects in opposite directions. Count how many times the objects pass at a set point, or pass.

Upcoming events:

Brisbane Gang Show – 04 July 2015 to 11 July 2015

Joey Scout Jaunt – Saturday 1 August 2015 at BP Park Samford

Skillorama – Saturday 05 September 2015 @ Redcliffe Show Grounds, Redcliffe.

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David Cruse (Kookaburra)
Branch Commissioner Joey Scout