Scouter Skills Day

The next Scouters Skills day will be on the 20th September 2015 and it will be held at Petrie Den, Beeville Road Petrie. It is aimed at Scout Section Leaders but Leaders from any Section or Region may attend. This will be your chance to come along for the day and share your skills and gain some new ones. On the program at the moment is navigation, pioneering and lightweight cooking with a fourth element being open to the requests of those attending.

If there something that you need or think would be of benefit to others then please drop me an email as I’m happy to tailor the program to suit the needs of those coming. Over lunch there will be an open forum so that you can fire off those curly questions and have them answered or at least passionately discussed.

The cost of the day will be $5. Registration will be from 0830 with Parade at 0900. Closing Parade will be 1500.

Dress will be camp dress with hat and scarf. BYO snacks, lunch, water etc.

RSVP Peter Pulbrook Branch Adviser – Scouts at

Check out the Branch calendar for next year’s dates so you don’t miss out


Applications have closed and we have settled at 30 very full Troops heading off to AJ2016 in January next year. A lot has been happening recently with the composition of the Troops being sorted out and Jamboree Troop Leaders being appointed.

An exciting weekend was held on the 22-23rd August with nearly all of the Jamboree Troop Leaders (JTLs) in which we got to share all of the news about the upcoming Jamboree and the plans the Contingent team have been making. The day kicked off with a ballot in the way of a game of darts to pick the Jamboree Troop site. In some cases I think the safest place was in front of the balloon they were trying to hit. On Saturday afternoon we all set up a Jamboree Troop camp site. I’m not sure our neighbouring sites would be happy but the site went up in about an hour so it will be interesting to see how long it takes at Cataract Park. We were lucky enough to have one of the new dining marquees available to set up. This marquee will be replacing the six individual tarps that we have used in the past and is a vast improvement, providing a large sheltered area and protection from wind and dust.

JTLs left the weekend keen to get on with organising their Troops so if you haven’t heard from them yet I’m sure you soon will.


Youth Program Review

The YPR is continuing on and is at a stage where a number of very important surveys are being undertaken. There is one for each section and they are based around what your particular section may look like in the future. It is very important that you get to express your opinion so please take the time to respond to the survey. I also encourage you have your Scouts complete the survey as it is, after all, their section. You are not limited to just your section, you can complete the surveys for all sections if you wish. Visit .


“Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.” Sir Robert Baden-Powell