August and September have brought with them much celebration and acknowledgement of the hard-working Rovers. On August 1, the Rover Service Award recipient were released as part of the Adult Recognition awards. A huge congratulations to the following recipients for 2015: Christopher Drew, Benjamin Digweed, Christopher Gardner, Bradley Smith and Xavier Musson.

In August we also ran an exciting Envirovent at BP Park for Venturer Scouts and Rovers in line with Scouts in Action Month 2015 – Scouts in the Environment. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite capture the engagement of Venturer Scouts quite in the way that we had hoped.

It has led us to question how we can best get in touch with our audience. A survey was conducted by the Branch Youth Council at Nighthawk in August which reflected that youth engage mostly through social media and emails. In order for us to understand where we’re reaching people, we’re offering a prize to anyone that is reading this article. Please email to claim your prize. Note, we’re looking for genuine engagement, so don’t let the secret get out! If you know how best to reach Venturer Scouts or Venturer Scout Leaders, we’re willing to take all suggestions.

On the evening of September 4, Rovers from across the state gathered to cruise up and down the Brisbane River in our annual tradition. Congratulations to the Clifton Hill Rover Crew on again running a very successful Rock The River. It was a great lot of fun and well put together. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one, you definitely need to put it on your to-do list for next year!

Congratulations also to the Gold Coast Region on running a successful Roverchella, and Darling Downs Region on running a great first-time event – South West Moot. It appears immense fun was had by all who attended each of the events. It’s great to see these events popping up all over the calendar which show the growth of Rovers and keen attitudes across the state. Well done to everyone who got involved.

A shout out to all of the Rovers who got involved in Agoonoree Rover Night this year. There was a fantastic turnout and great energy between each of the activities run. Thank you to the Agoonoree evening activities team for putting together such a smooth running night. Great fun was had by all.

A big month ahead with Banana Bash taking up many hours of service and attention to vehicles. Good luck to Tahlia Johnston and her team for a successful event. Come out to visitor’s day for all the entertainment and fun for all ages.


BANANA BASH 2015 – To the Finish Line and Beyond : 2-5 October- at The Pocket, BP Park, Samford

Open to all Rovers and RAs over 18 years of age. Not a rover? Check out visitor’s day!

BANANA BASH VISITOR’s DAY: 4 October – BP Park Samford – Enter via Cash Avenue

Open to everyone! Check out the details of opening and closing times and costs on our event page.

CQRC CHRISTMAS MOOT – The Apocalypse – 6-8 November – Wyper Park, Bundaberg

Open to all Rovers and RAs over 18 years of age. A great weekend of fun and activities and just outside SEQ!
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Deputy Chairman : Tahlia Johnston
BA Rovers : Ryan Sodziak

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