Nathan, myself and other members of the Branch team are really enjoying the opportunities provided as part of the Youth Program Review to talk with you about proposals for changes to the Scout promise, law and interpretation of Duty to God. Just a reminder that each member has until the 31st December to register their comments about the various options presented. Please go to to register your views. Please encourage as many youth to do so as possible also.

Just as we in Scouts Australia are reviewing our Youth Program, this has also occurred recently at the world level. A new updated World Youth Program Policy has been released following extensive consultations. The last policy was updated in 1993.

Changes include;

  1. A focus on the importance of experiential learning (learning opportunities, different experiences)ypt
  2. Confirmation of our role in Scouting as providing non-formal education
  3. The youth programme is seen as the core business of Scouting
  4. There is a timeframe of 9 years to design, implement and review the success of the programme
  5. Anticipating future youth trends is an important component
  6. The importance of the youth programme policy harmonizing with the other areas of Scouting was emphasised
  7. We are reminded the “End product” of Youth Program process is the Active Citizens
  8. The target audience for the policy is curriculum developers at the national level
  9. Roles of Facilitators, Developer and Supporters are defined
  10. The updates include increased youth participation based on current research theories

I encourage each of you to check out this document which can be downloaded at

Peter Blatch OAM
Deputy Chief Commissioner Youth Program