Unit Constitutions

When was the last time that your Venturer Scout Unit reviewed the content of your Unit’s Constitution?

One of the key components of running a successful Venturer Scout Unit is having an up to date Unit Constitution. It is imperative that all Venturer Scout Units have a working Unit Constitution that is reviewed on a regular basis. The Unit Constitution is the policy and rules that a Venturer Scout adheres to. Whilst as an organisation we have the National ‘Policy and Rules’ and the State ‘Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions’ which govern the operation of members of the association the Unit Constitution is particular to each Venturer Scout Unit.

The Constitution should include specific information that can not be interpreted to mean something different. It is essential that all aspects relating to Venturer Scouts are included in a Constitution.   Topics should include but are not limited to: the name of the Unit; the regular meeting time of the unit; membership for the unit; Unit Council roles and elections; attendance for members; behaviour expectations; Unit funds; Unit property; and how the unit will manage any breach of the Constitution.

Considering that one Venturer Scout Unit Constitution will differ from the next, a Venturer Scout Unit should research Constitutions from other Units prior to writing their own. There are many Constitutions available if you ask at your Region/District Venturer Scout Council. If a Unit does not have a Constitution and would like some assistance in writing one, then contact your Region Venturer Scout Leader or alternatively you can contact me and I will guide the Unit through the process.

Once you have a constitution all members need to sign and agree to the Constitution including all new members to the Venturer Scout Unit. If a new member is not happy to sign and agree to the Unit Constitution, then the unit should consider the reasons why and look at adapting the constitution to incorporate everyone. Regardless of new members a Venturer Scout Unit should review their Constitution annually to ensure that everyone is still happy with everything and considering circumstances change in lives and society, that the Constitution is current.

Please feel free to contact your Region Venturer Scout Leader or myself if you would like more information about this.

Queensland Venture 2016 (QV2016)

Applications are currently open for the upcoming QV2016. Dates are 2 July 2016 – 9 July 2016 inclusive. The cost for Venturer Scouts is $740.00 plus expedition fee, which range from $0 – $800. QV2016 is being held in Rockhampton at Seeonee Park and participants will need to find their own way to and from the camp.

To find out more information about the camp and the expeditions on offer, details are on the QV2016 facebook page and Venturer Scout Forum.

To apply you will need to use the Qld Branch Event Registration system which is found on the Qld Branch website under the ‘Event Registration’ tab.


Chris Dunne
Branch Commissioner Venturer Scouts