June, the sixth month of the year, named after the goddess Juno, also known as the change of season between autumn and winter. Similarly, to the weather, Queensland Rovers have been making some changes themselves, starting with our Annual Conference at Baden Powell Park where we said Good-bye and thank you to Kate Rimon and her hard working team (some of which are staying on in the Executive Team to go beyond their original goals) and welcomed Blake Bath and his team who are ready for a big and exciting year as Queensland Rovers. Throughout the course of the weekend the new team set goals for the coming year that will help develop our events, challenge us as individuals and over all, help Rovers do things.

One outcome from the conference weekend was the development of the Challenge Shield – this challenge goes out to all members of Queensland Rovers and their Crews to highly contribute to service, activities, events, be active members of their group and the wider community and promote rovers in a positive light throughout everything that they do. The Challenge Shield will be presented to a crew each year at St George’s Ball. In addition to the positive commitment to rovers, we are looking at staying true to Scouting Traditions and also increasing BPSA support for our members.

As we look forward to the future we look at developing brand new Rover Merchandise to go with our promotional packs which come in handy for our upcoming UQ & Griffith Market day stalls. These stalls are important for us to develop a positive image of Queensland Rovers in the wider community.

On all things positive and for the future, Queensland Rovers would like to congratulate Gavin Brady who has been appointed as the National Rover Council Advisor. We look forward to seeing Gav’s work on the national level.

As usual, we are looking forward to a full and busy few months with Rovers both performing and enjoying Brisbane Gang Show, helping out with the fun at Triple S and looking forward to dressing up in our finest for St Georges Ball in early August. Across Queensland, smaller events and activities will be run to promote individual crew participation and also empower regions to challenge themselves and run small and major events for other Rovers and Venturers.

roversThis June we have also had a vast majority of Queensland Rovers take up positions and volunteer their time to Both the Queensland Venture in the upcoming school holidays and the Australian Venture in 2018. We are proud to have so many Rovers involved at all levels of Scouting and cannot wait to see where the next few months take us.

All that being said Nominations are still open for QLD Rover Awards 2016 If you know Rovers, Crews, Regions that deserve an award get Voting now http://goo.gl/forms/lwq0o7v4ZrznDfHr2

If you know of anyone between the ages of 18-25 make sure to get them in contact with Queensland Rovers to catch up and see what your friendly neighbourhood Rovers have been up to.


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