The Australian Jamboree is a massive event that is only held every 3 years.  The next Australian Jamboree, AJ2019 will be held in January 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia.

aj2019-logoIf you are a Scout or a Leader at the time of an Australian Jamboree, this is where you want to be!  Write it in your diaries now.

I have been appointed as the Queensland Contingent Leader for AJ2019 and I am looking forward to working closely across all areas of Scouting to deliver a fantastic experience for all who attend.  There will be more to come over the coming months on our journey on “The Road to AJ2019”.  Ideally we’ll all be able to use the build-up for AJ2019 to achieve broader youth program goals too!

Getting ready for AJ2019 will obviously be a lot of hard work but I am determined for it to also be fun and provide a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  This includes Mum and Dad at home organising fundraising activities, the Group Leaders enthusing their groups (and managing forms and payments) and the District and Region Commissioners providing advice and guidance to less experienced leaders.

Expressions of Interest are being called for Queensland Leaders and Rovers to be part of the Queensland Contingent team for AJ2019.

Exciting opportunities are available in:

  • Youth engagement and communications
  • Equipment and logistics
  • Finance and procurement
  • Applications and enrolments
  • Merchandise
  • Transport
  • Welfare

Being a member of the contingent team is a great opportunity for you to challenge yourself and develop new skills.  In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from others on a personal and professional level.

You don’t have to have done a role before – I am looking for a base level of skill, a lot of enthusiasm and a desire to roll your sleeves up and muck in.

You don’t have to be based in South East Queensland as it would be great to have a team made up of members from across the State.

As an active Scout Leader I understand that you may want to be involved with AJ2019 preparations but do not want a role at the Jamboree that prevents you from being with your Scouts.  I still want to hear from you, as there are roles on the contingent team that will wrap up prior to the Jamboree and allow you to participate as a line leader or service leader (yes, you do not have to be stuck in a headquarters tent missing out on all the fun).

Are you ready for the fun, adventure and to meet new friends?

If so, please send a brief email identifying your areas of interest and any key skills you can bring to the team.  Also get in touch if you’d just like to know more!

I would love to hear from you prior to the end of 2016 to allow me to start building a contingent team in January 2017.

If you miss this date, please submit your Expressions of Interest regardless as there will always be ways you can help.

Please send emails to

Yours in Scouting

Lachlan Whitta

Queensland Contingent Leader
AJ2019 – Adelaide, South Australia