What is Orana Bunji?

The Queensland Joey Scout Activities Team is developing an event called ORANA BUNJI (meaning Welcome Close Friend) to cover a two nights, 3 day event for Joey Scouts in South East Queensland where the Joeys can participate in activities that many Mobs would not normally be able to host in their own right. If the event is successful it is possible we will be able to run it up in Northern Queensland.

Similar to Jamboree and Cuboree, this event will include numerous adventurous activities and outdoor nature walks suitable to the abilities of the Joey Scout age group. Accommodation would be on-site in large halls, the event will be fully catered and all activities will be held on site facilitated by other leaders / activity providers.

Joey Leader Survey

We would like to gauge support and seek ideas from Joey Scout leaders on some parameters for the event, and ask for your support with this quick survey.