The following updates are now available:

  1. QBSI Cover and Content (content updates to reflect this update to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions)
  2. QBSI 4.3 Social Media Policy (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)
  3. QBSI 11.11 Boating – Sailing (new chapter)
  4. QBSI 11.21 Paddling – Stand Up Paddle Boarding (new chapter)
  5. QBSI 11.19 Paddling – Rafting (new chapter)
  6. QBSI 11.29 Terra Firma – Four Wheel Driving (new chapter)
  7. QBSI 12.1 Management, Operation and Reporting Structure (new chapter)
  8. QBSI 12.2 Strategy Committee Terms of Reference (new chapter)
  9. QBSI 12.3 Management Committee Terms of Reference (new chapter)
  10. QBSI 12.4 Reference Committee Terms of Reference (new chapter)

Please remember to update your QBSI USBs.

The update of the complete QBSI document will be available HERE in the coming days.