Greetings from the Asia-Pacific Support Centre!

It’s been more than month since we concluded the APR Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion in Manila, and by now, we hope that you have started to meet with your NSO’s leadership in order to determine how to implement national policies and strategies on diversity and inclusion, or at the very least, determine in which areas you could best employ the principles and components of diversity and inclusion.

As we have told you during the workshop, we will be launching a regional initiative to promote diversity and inclusion, funded thru the Messengers of Peace Support Fund. The project will support current or new initiatives about diversity and inclusion that are making or can make significant impact in the community.

Anent to this, we are pleased to share with you Cir 23-2018 – APR Diversity and Inclusion Challenge re: #ScoutingForAll: The APR Diversity and Inclusion Challenge, and the corresponding guidelines and application forms for your reference.

We highly encourage you to join the challenge and contribute to the region’s promising practices on diversity and inclusion.

Thank you.

With best regards,
Kenny Ralph S. Fernando
Special Project Officer, Communications
World Scout Bureau

Asia-Pacific Support Centre (Makati City)