Que attended the Queensland Branch Training Team Conference at BP Park.  Que was happy that so many people were visiting her at home, but was not prepared for all the work that followed.  She had to take part in all the training that the Training Team members did, this included finding out about National and Branch Updates in Policy, the New Scout Logo and Brand, New Youth Program, Culture and Diversity and the Outdoor Adventure program.  At the end of the day Que was a bit dazed.  However, there was time for fun, and Que went to investigate canoeing, abseiling, scuba diving and virtual reality.  In addition, she tried to assist Touche wombat with regaining his CPR accreditation.  In addition to meeting lots of LTs, ALTs and Instructors, Que got to meet the all sort of important people which included the Chief Commissioner of Australia, a Committee Member of the World Scout Committee, the National Training Commissioner, and a representative from SAIT, and various Branch Commissioners.