All Adult Leaders, Committee members and Rovers have to do online e-learning modules as part of their training.  Included in the e-learning modules are practical assignments known as “attachments”.  Matilda wanted to find out about what some of these practical assignments were, and got herself invited to a Brisbane North Region E-Learning (Basic level) evening where the focus was on helping leaders-in-training with the practical aspects of the assignments “attachments”.  There were several experienced adult leaders, a leader trainer and newly recruited leaders-in-training present.  That evening, the leaders worked on Knots, First Aid, Code of Conduct, Ceremonies and Navigation.  The new leaders were very enthusiastic and Matilda was quite surprised at the number of skills that they had to cover to be able to help deliver the program to the youth members.  At the end of the evening, Matilda was thrilled as she got herself a new rucksack to carry her logbook, scarf and business cards.