Matilda had told Que all about the interesting things that she saw at the Brisbane Gang Show Barn, Doomben, and suggested that Que investigate other Gang Shows, so Que made her way to McDowell to find out what the Wonargo Revue Gang Show Production team were up to.  As it turned out, they had just begun to sit down to plan what the show would look like.  According to them, Wonargo Revue was the longest on-going “Scout” show in Australia.  They had been running for 48 seasons since, out of the Northgate Virginia Scout Den.  It commenced as a request of the scouts of the “Wonargo District, Brisbane North Area”, hence its name. 

The colourful shirts the Production Team were wearing symbolised the roles played: Light blue & gold (General cast); Black & grey (General support team) and Gold & black (Production team).  Que also found out that there was once a district in Brisbane called “Wonargo District”. 

“Wonargo” is a Western Australian aboriginal word for “Brother”.  In 1956, at the Melbourne Olympics, the song of farewell “Goodbye Olympians” specially written by a Melbourne poet William Tainsh, contained a line “Momok wonargo ora go-yai”, which means “Farewell, brother bye bye and come back”.