Que got wind that there was a large gathering of people at her home at the Charles S Snow Centre, BP Park, Samford.  When she popped her head around the corner, she was amazed to see about 140 Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, Girl Guides and leaders dancing and singing in the rooms and the courtyard.  It turned out to a Brisbane Gang Show Rehearsal Camp.  As she watched, she heard lots of songs, and choreographed dances, and saw what looked like skits.  Despite the large number of people, they all worked together, and when it came moving them during lunch time, they worked as patrols.  Que headed to the veranda to meet the adult leaders and helpers, and got them sign her log book.  At the event, she met some of the Brisbane Gang Show Production team members that Matilda spoke about, and also leaders from some districts who invited her to visit them.  She also got a chance to tell some of the leaders where she and Matilda came from.  Later on, Que got to meet some of the past members of the Gang Show family.