After visiting Queensland Branch Scout Headquarters, Auchenflower, Que headed out to Baden Powell Park Samford to help return some of the old Wood Badge course logbooks which were being digitally recorded.  Whilst at the park she passed by the museum, and it turned out that there was a bit of a crisis, as a snake had got into the museum and the staff were trying to coax the snake out.  Eventually, the snake was caught, and twirled around using a Rover Thumbstick, and released into the bush nearby.  Whilst at the museum, Que caught up with some of the Heritage Team members who were planning activities for the upcoming Scout Section Skills (SSS) camp.  She got them to sign her logbook and take a photo.

The “Scout Heritage Museum” is located within the “Wheelhouse” which was opened in 1964.  It was erected with funds partly provided by the Rotary Club of Brisbane who made a donation of £1500 Pounds ($3000).  A number of other companies also donated electrical works and seating. The building consists of a main hall, kitchenette and toilet facilities.  In the front is a small office.  The building was originally meant to be the focal point of Baden Powell Park, hence the name “Wheelhouse”, which has two origins. Firstly, it was to be like the “Wheelhouse” of a ship, to control the campsite, and secondly in recognition of the donation from Rotary Club, whose Badge is a wheel.

The museum is open most Saturday afternoons to visitors.