Que hopped on a plane and headed out to Townsville in the company of a Cub Leader.  At Townsville, she joined an Assistant Region Commissioner who was going to be her host throughout her stay in Townsville.  During her stay Que went to lots of groups and meetings and met lots of leaders.  She also got to visit some of the scenic sights around Townsville.

Bluewater:  Attended a campfire

Region Meeting

Region Team Meeting:  Helped the RC take minutes

Region Team Meeting:  Met the region leaders

Region Scout Shop: Met the local team, and had a good look at what was on sale.  Can I have some region and district badges please?

Loam Island: Learnt about knots and healthy eating

Tamaroo Scout Camp: Played in the creek and helped to mow the lawn.

Alice River: Met Kai who is being trained to be a guinea pig alert dog

Belgian Gardens: Met leaders including a member of the Training Team & DC.

Kirwan: Witnessed a new leader being invested

Pimlico-Mundingburra: Met leaders

Woodlands: Met leader

Wulguru: Met leaders

Helping out on a Rover Adv Course

On top of Castle Hill