Scouts Queensland Roadmap for the Resumption of Face-to-Face Scouting
There have been changes this week to the Scouts Queensland Roadmap for the Resumption of Face-to-Face Scouting following the announcement by the Premier on 30 June 2020. Stage 3 has been brought forward to commence at midday on 3 July 2020. Within Stage 3 there are changes to the mechanisms for the maximum size gatherings and the state border reopens on 10 July but excluding Victorians.

For buildings up to 200sq metres in size, a 2sq metre/person rule applies with a limit of 50 people. For buildings over 200sq metres, the 4sq metre/person rule applies. This should mean that Section meetings can be run in our Scout dens.

There is a limit of 500 people for outdoor events based on adherence to a COVID-19 checklist and this seems to apply for camping and for other external events. We have initiated communication with campsites around planning to accommodate large gatherings and we need to further explore the 500-person event requirements.

QBSI 7.15 has been altered to reflect these changes and re-organised to provide separation within the document into common requirements and the specific requirements for each of Stage 1, 2 and 3. The document also references emerging approved industry COVID-19 plans that we will need to build back into our documentation.

QBSI 7.15 has not had a robust peer review so I expect that there will be tweaking of the content over the next few weeks.

Remember to complete and have signed off the F36 Den Re-entry Checklist (COVID-19) available here and the F35 Daily Meetings Task Checklist (COVID-19), available here, each time the den is used. Posters to put around your Den reminding individuals of these parameters are available here.

Our presentation explaining the three stages is available here and QBSI 7.15, available here.

We still cannot however let our guards down and the flair-ups that are occurring in Victoria are testimony to that. In the meantime, exercise cough and sneezing protocol, wash your hands, maintain social distancing, abide by the controls that Scouts Queensland has in place and enjoy Scouting activities.

The revised Roadmap is provided here: