Scouts Queensland hosts an inspiring camp for children with special needs annually. For 37 years this camp has provided children with varying abilities and special needs the opportunity to experience a range of Scouting activities for six days.  These Scouting activities are supported by young Scouts, aged from 12 years, who give up their holiday time to share this unique experience.

“It is truly amazing to see young kids in their wheelchair being carefully lowered down an abseiling tower with their guide. Their smiles are so heart-warming. Activities during the week include things like slip and slide, camp craft, swimming, movies, a disco and games. This Agoonoree is one of the biggest in many years ” said Camp Chief, Shaun Sandilands.

Each year Scouts Queensland and Girl Guides Queensland invite a minimum 70 children as ‘guests’ to the camp. Some ‘guests’ may have disabilities but others may be from a disadvantaged background.

Agoonoree is the Scouting term used to describe this unique camp, where the Scouts provide mentoring, guidance and carer support to the ‘guest’. They will sleep, eat and be part of Scout Patrols throughout the activity.  Agoonoree runs from Sat 16th to Thursday 21st September at Baden-Powell Park, Samford hosting 500 campers.

The campsite has its own radio station, newspaper, hospital and night activities area.

Chief Commissioner for Scouts Queensland, Daryl Scott, said “Agoonoree is an inspiration and the chance that our Scouts get to share their Scouting with children with special needs.  It provides a personal growth opportunity for them and it’s a real highlight for Scouting. The Agoonoree reflects what Scouting is truly about and the ethos of the camp underpins all our values, traditions and beliefs”.


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