Don’t miss Steve’s most exciting show ever – Deadly 60 Down Under! featuring some of

Australia’s deadliest animals live on stage. Plus there will be audience participation, on stage fun and opportunities to ask Steve questions about all his adventures. Steve will share stories

and videos from his Australian explorations…

“I’m coming back to Australia! This time we’re doing things a little bit different – we’re on walkabout. We’re travelling all the way down the East Coast of Australia on our

Battle Bus – the ultimate Deadly tour bus. There will be stunts, audience participation, some of Australia’s most extraordinary wildlife on stage and loads of craziness. I cannot wait to see you there” Steve Backshall

Naturalist Steve Backshall is best known for BBC Earth children’s TV show Deadly 60, in which he tracks down the world’s most dangerous animals. He is an author, expedition leader, naturalist, wildlife expert and a fearless presenter. Having travelled the world to learn about the most inspiring predators, Steve has swum with sharks, been bitten by a caiman, squirted with ink by Humboldt squid, flirted with a tarantula, charged by elephants, and stared out by thresher and great hammerhead sharks, but still maintains that wild animals pose no threat to people – in fact quite the opposite.

“At a time when so much of television is read from autocue, it is a joy to come across complete professionals whose love for their subject is second only to their knowledge of it. Those who don’t have young children may not have come across Steve Backshall; those who do will know that he’s one of the best-informed and most impressive presenters on television on either side of the Atlantic” The Guardian

Deadly 60 DOWN UNDER! will visit 18 cities across the east coast of Australia from Brisbane to Adelaide, throughout January, 2019.

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