Dear members – please note that the following updates to QBSI are now available HERE.

1.       QBSI Cover and Content (content updates to reflect this update to Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions)

2.       QBSI 2.3 Rover Scout Section (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

3.       QBSI 2.9 Camping and Outdoor Activities (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

4.       QBSI 2.13 Mobile Climbing Walls (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

5.       QBSI 2.15 Adventurous Activities (deleted paragraph on Authority to Conduct Adventurous Activities, moved to QBSI 2.19)

6.       QBSI 2.16 Major Activities (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

7.       QBSI 2.19 Event and Activity Approvals (new chapter)

8.       QBSI 6.3 Bank Accounts (new paragraph at QBSI 6.3.8)

9.       QBSI 6.4 Development Fund (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended) – please note approvals for QBSI 6.4 was through the Branch Finance Committee and the Branch Executive Committee

10.   QBSI 6.5 Grants (updated language in relation to Fair Play vouchers)

11.   QBSI 6.11 Financial Assistance (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

12.   QBSI 9.4 Protocol (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

13.   QBSI 9.10 Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals on Scout Property (amendments throughout, complete re-read recommended)

14.   QBSI 9.14 Branch Delegations Policy (new chapter) – please note approvals for QBSI 9.14 was through the Branch Finance Committee and the Branch Executive Committee

15.   QBSI 11.5 Aquatic – Scuba (new chapter)

16.   QBSI 11.6 Aquatic – Snorkelling (new chapter)

17.   QBSI 11.22 Paddling – White Water (new chapter)

18.   QBSI 11.29 Terra Firma – Four Wheel Driving (update to QBDI 11.29.1 Activity Scope)

19.   QBSI 11.34 Vertical – Canyoning (removal of QBSI 11.34.5 Interim Instructions)

20.   QBSI 11.35 Vertical – Caving (removal of QBSI 11.35.5 Interim Instructions)

21.   QBSI 11.38 Vertical – Challenge Ropes (High) (new chapter)

22.   QBSI 11.41 Aquatic – Swimming and Water Safety (new chapter)

23.   QBSI 11.42 Vertical – Zip Lines (new chapter)

Please remember to update your QBSI USBs if you use one.

 The update of the complete QBSI document is available HERE.