Branch Team

Geoff Doo
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Development)
Jean Clifford OAM
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Adults in Scouting)
Bob Campbell
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Major Activities)
Peter Blatch OAM
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Youth Program)
Dennis Brockman
Assistant Chief Commissioner (Development)
Kirsty Brown OAM
Immediate Past Chief Commissioner
Brendon Dickenson
Region Commissioner (Brisbane North)
Paul Rogerson
Region Commissioner (Brisbane South)
Dougal McWhinney
Region Commissioner (Central Coast)
John Finn
Region Commissioner (Central and Western Qld)
Tracey Ferguson
Region Commissioner (Darling Downs)
Peter Digweed
Region Commissioner (Far North)
Steve Marshall
Region Commissioner (Gold Coast)
Andrew Houghton
Region Commissioner (Kennedy)
Alex Mair
Acting Region Commissioner (Moreton)
Cindy Van Der Gevel
Region Commissioner (South Eastern)
Harry Park
Region Commissioner (Northern Moreton Bay)
Maurie Wilson OAM
Region Commissioner (Wide Bay Burnett)
Rob Cullen
Region Commissioner (Suncoast)
Taylar Gregory
Branch Commissioner (Joey Scouts)
Tim Gibbings
Branch Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
Chris Foreman
Branch Commissioner (Scouts)
Chris Dunne
Branch Commissioner (Venturer Scouts)
Ryan Sodziak
Branch Adviser (Rovers)
Ross Tutin
Branch Commissioner (International)
Janelle Williams
Acting Branch Commissioner (Air Activities)
Peter Gould ESM
Branch Commissioner (Adventurous Activities)
Jarrad McDonald
Branch Commissioner (Environmental Education)
Peter Mc Leod
Branch Commissioner (Member Support)
Darryl Clare OAM
Branch Commissioner (Vocational Education and Training)
Bryan Brown
Branch Commissioner (Adult Training and Development)
Shaun Sandilands
Branch Commissioner (Marketing and Communications)
Libby Smith
Branch Commissioner (Youth Involvement)
Nathan Swaffer
Branch Commissioner (Youth Program Implementation)
Fr Iain Furby
Branch Commissioner (Spiritual Development)

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