Famous Scouts

Scouting has, for over a 100 years, helped boys and girls to develop to their full potential and become responsible Famous Scouts - dick smithand useful members of society.

These prominent Aussies have all been influenced by Scouting – Dick Smith AO, Peter Beattie, Rove McManus, Peter Garrett, Sir Jack Brabham, Jamie Durie, Shane Jacobson, Bert Newton and Adam Spencer.

These wonderful people were or are current Scouts – Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, David Beckham, Venus Williams, Mariah Cary, Neil Armstrong, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Garrett, Billy Connolly, Harrison Ford, Celine Dion, Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Patrick Stewart, Bear Grylls, Michael J Fox, David Attenborough, Tony Blair, Michael Parkinson and David Bowie.

Of the 12 men that have walked on the moon… 11 were Scouts.

Find out more about famous Aussie Scouts at http://www.scouts.com.au/about-us/famous-scouts