Frequently Asked Questions – For Administrators

How can my group start to use CareMonkey?
Scout Groups are all welcome to register their interest in using CareMonkey by emailing

A member of the Scouts QLD CareMonkey Implementation Project Team will confirm eligibility based on a data check. To qualify, your formation must have a minimum of 80% of the data in SMS correct including a parent email address for all Members.

My group already uses CareMonkey. How do we do the transition?
Scout Groups already using CareMonkey will be able to transition their existing account into the Scouts QLD account during the implementation phase. There will be changes to the setup that may alter eforms and other settings to match the overall implementation. Once the account is merged you will also see the benefit of the link to SMS for creating profiles when new Members are enrolled and Member’s personal contact information will be updated back into SMS when a profile is amended.
Why is having data up to date in SMS important?
The email address in the Parent Email Address in the Parents Tab (to be implemented shortly) for youth members under the age of 18 will be used as the profile owner – the person who gives consent.

The email address in the Member Summary Tab for young adults and adult members over the age of 18 will be used as the profile owner – the person who gives consent.

Why aren’t some of the youth members in my group appearing on CareMonkey?
There are two common reasons why youth members don’t appear on CareMonkey. The first is that they’re not yet an “active” member of Scouts Queensland as their membership fees have not been processed. Once the fees have been processed then they will be invited to create a CareMonkey profile.

The second reason is that they don’t have a valid email address recorded in SMS. This information can be found in the member’s profile in SMS.

How do I change an email address in CareMonkey?
To change a member’s email address in CareMonkey, click on the 3 small horizontal bars on their profile icon and then click on “Edit Profile Request”. Enter the new email address into the “Override email” field and click on “Save”. To send a new email request to their new email address, go back into their profile and click on “Send email reminder”.
How do I create or change carers for my group?
A Carer is someone who can view the care profiles of the members of a particular Section, such as a Cub pack. To add a Carer for your Group click on “Add” in the bottom right corner of your Group’s CareMonkey page and then select “Add a single Staff Carer request”. Enter the name and email address of the person you wish to add as a Carer, ensuring that these details exactly match the name and email address used by that person in their own CareMonkey profile. Then tick the box for the Section(s) or Group you wish to give them Carer access to and click on “Save and send invitation”. You can change the sections for which they have Carer status at any time.
Why can’t I see profiles on my mobile phone?
A Group Administrator won’t be able to see the Group’s care profiles on their mobile phone unless they also set themselves up as a Carer for the whole Group (refer to the above question for instructions on doing this).
What do the different profile colours mean?

When you look at the profile icons for members of your Group you will see that different profiles have different colours. The meaning of these colours is as follows:

  • a blue profile means that the profile has been completed
  • a red profile means that the profile has not been completed
  • a green profile means that the member has an invalid email address recorded which needs to be changed and a new invitation sent out. Note that when you click on a profile it will turn a dark green – this simply means that you have selected that profile and is not an indication that the email address is invalid
  • a yellow profile means that the profile is being managed locally and no emails will be sent and no health information collected
Parents tell me they’ve completed their child’s profile but it’s still appearing in red?
Many members will already have a completed CareMonkey profile through their school or sporting club or as a result of having gone directly into CareMonkey and created a profile, rather than using the link in the email request from Scouts. In such cases they should click on the link in the email request from Scouts and login to CareMonkey. They will see an option to “Share” their profile with Scouts, which they should click to complete the process. If they don’t see the option to share their profile it will be the result of a mismatch (no matter how minor) between the spelling of either the name or email address in their existing CareMonkey profile and the details in the profile request being used by Scouts. If the email address is incorrect then override their email address in the Scouts profile with the exact address used in their other CareMonkey profile. If the name is incorrect then you can change their name in the SMS then delete their CareMonkey profile and a new profile will be generated overnight using the updated details in the SMS.

Administrators can check the status of a red CareMonkey profile by clicking on the 3 small horizontal lines on the profile’s icon and then checking the information in the Care Profile Owner section in the bottom left of the Profile Request screen. This will indicate whether a profile owner has not yet created an account, has partially completed a profile or has completed a profile but hasn’t shared it with Scouts.

Why do emails I send from within CareMonkey appear to come from someone else?

Any system generated requests for people to complete their profiles will come from the CareMonkey administrator. However you may also use CareMonkey to send emails to families, about an upcoming event for instance or for general communication purposes. For these emails you can set the signature block and reply email address as your own. To do this, go into your Group’s CareMonkey page and click on the “Tools” menu (top right of your screen) then “Organisation settings” and then change the “Administrator name”, “Administrator title” and “Administrator email” fields to reflect the local contact details.

Why do my changes disappear overnight?
Any changes you make to the core sub-groups in CareMonkey which appear in the bottom left of your screen (Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer, Rover, Adult) will be overridden each night when CareMonkey validates these against the information held in the SMS. You can however create (“Add”) other sub-groups (e.g. “Cub Leaders”, “Gilweroo attendees”) in addition to the core sub-groups and any changes or settings in these additional sub-groups will be retained.


For Families

  • Simple to use and efficient for busy parents making it easier for children to participate in Group events and activities
  • Eliminates the need for a paper based C4 form
  • Gives parents and carers the control over the data shared with Scouts QLD

For Leaders

  • Spend less time on paper and more time on Scouting
  • Helps eliminate the paper based C4 for most Group-related activities
  • Helps you communicate effectively to your Group

For Scouts QLD

  • Helps Leaders and families spend more time on Scouting and less time on paperwork
  • Reduces the organisational carbon footprint by encouraging online processes
  • Increases data accuracy, auditing capability, and data security