Scouts Queensland welcomes adults who have been positively and personally impacted by the Scouting Movement. They could be former or current Scouts, family members, volunteers or one of the many Australians who have benefited from the Scouting ideals.


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Join the Scout Alumni and you will stay in touch and up-to-date on what’s happening in Scouting and help young people experience the excitement, challenges and adventure that Scouting has to offer. Enjoy the member benefits and support the good work that Scouts Queensland continues to deliver to the young people of our great state. ***There are no fees associated with joining the Scout Alumni***

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Our Mission

The Mission of the Scout Alumni is to encourage continued involvement in the Movement and promote the ideals of Scouting. Our Aim is to create a group of community advocates for Scouting by renewing and strengthening friendship between present & former members of the Scout Movement inclusive of all age groups, culture and demographics. Our Goals are to: • Keep in touch with former members and supporters; • Recognise the achievement of Alumni members; • Develop relationships for future employers of Youth members; • Foster formation of Alumni patrols/troops in local communities throughout the State; • Provide social opportunities for members to get together at state-wide as well as regional events; and • Assist with the history of the Association.

  • Scouting is fun!
  • Scouting is adventurous!
  • Scouting is challenging!
  • Scouting is commitment!
  • Scouting is inclusive!

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