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Host Families required for Scout Exchange Program

I am seeking interested Families with Venturer aged Youth Members (14 ½ to 17yrs – Boys & Girls) who will be interested in hosting a visiting Venturer either from England, Denmark or Indonesia from late June till early August (dates to be confirmed). The Exchange Venturer will be part of your Family for their visit and participate at School, Scouting and Family during this time. This will be an ideal opportunity for your Family to participate in International Scouting and show our visitors what it is like to live in Australia. Families need to be in place asap so those Countries can organise flights for their Venturers going to Queensland.

For more information, please contact the Qld SISEP Co-ordinator, Scott Edwards

Queensland Host Families

The following are extracts from Qld Host Families who have hosted Scouts visiting as part of SISEP and some of their experiences.

2012  International - denmark flag See Family Report


From time to time our international brothers and sisters visit Australia and would like someone to show them around or need a place to stay for a short time. You can get involved by being a generous host to these people by joining the Host Corp Team. Sandra Hemming would dearly like to talk with you. You will find this extremely rewarding and gain a true friend for life. Register today!

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