Changes to the QLD Scout Supply Centre

Uniform ordering

Please download the flyer which explains the process for ordering Leader uniforms

Please download the flyer which explains the process for ordering Youth Member uniforms


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. Why the change to the current operations?

A. In November 2015 Scouts Australia informed us of their decision to operate a new National Online Supply Shop at – Over the Christmas period (including the Jamboree) the Branch team worked as quickly as possible to support the new National online shop arrangements. Many options to try to keep our Queensland Branch Scout Supply Centre open were explored, but none were viable.

Q. Who is operating the new national Online Supply Shop

A. The site will be operated by Inspire Apparel Pty Ltd who are the licensed manufacturer and distributor of all National Scouting merchandise Australia wide.

Q. Will Regional shops continue to operate?

 A.Yes, three Regional scout shops (Kennedy, Moreton and Darling Downs) will still maintain a shop to support the Formations within their Region.

 Q. Will Formations (or Sections or Leaders) be able to operate an account with the supplier?

 A. No, all purchases must be paid for before they are dispatched, goods can be paid via direct debit, credit card or cheque.

 Q. Are there any additional costs associated with online purchases?

A. Online prices will remain the same as they have been in the Brisbane shop, unless manufacturing or supplier costs increase e.g. woggles, fabric for scarfs and uniform trousers etc. They also provide free postage direct to customers. GST will be payable on all purchases. There will be an additional fee of $10 to place a phone order. The purchaser will be responsible for the cost of return postage, if goods are returned.

Q. What are the logistics for delivery?

A. In most cases purchases will be dispatched within 24 hours Monday through to Friday. Delivery is either by Australia Post or courier service depending on the volume / size of the order. If you have a PO Box delivery address your parcel will be delivered to the post box via Australia Post. Express Post is available at an additional flat fee of $9.50 and will be prioritised over all non-express deliveries and sent via E-Parcel Tracked Express Post.

Tracking numbers are not currently automatically emailed to customers but Inspire Apparel expect to have this service activated by the end of April 2016.

Due to the greater distance in shipping from Melbourne, Inspire Apparel have already programmed their picking system to prioritise Queensland orders above all other States and Territories. Customers will need to allow sufficient time to order and receive their goods as Australia Post delivery times will be longer from Melbourne than for goods posted from Queensland.

Q. Can orders be placed at any time?

A. The online store allows for flexibility and can accept orders at any time. However, orders will only be dispatched when payment has been received and during business hours.

Q. Is help available if needed?

A. The website has a “help” page that provides various options including suggestions to ensure online security. A “contact us” page also exists detailing how you can contact Inspire Apparel Pty Ltd with any questions you may have or call 03 93337100.

Q. Are my credit card details secure?

A. The Scout Shop website utilises industry security and is fully secured to protect your data and does not store credit card information. The payment gateway is managed by Australia’s largest credit card payment provider Securepay, which is owned and operated by Australia Post. No credit card information is stored on any Scout or Inspire Apparel servers.


Q. How will youth member uniforms be purchased?

A. Parents/carers will be able to access the site without any identification and purchase the requirements for a youth member. Once the youth member is registered they will also be able to log on to the site as a Leader/Member using the youth member’s registration number and date of birth. Using either of these methods will only allow the purchase of youth member uniform requisites.

Q. How will parents know what to purchase?

A. The uniform section of the online store shows the ‘required’ and the ‘recommended extra’ uniform items. Layout can be amended following feedback from customers. The layout is ‘National’ however Queensland items such as the State scarf and woggle will only by visible to logged in members from Queensland (note: parents who have not logged in will not be able to view the State scarf).

Q. How will correct sizing be achieved?

A. There is a sizing chart available online. Purchasing clothing online is now common place and there should be no difference for our uniform. The system has been in operation for other States for a significant period of time and is working well. There are very few returns due to incorrect sizing. (See also GROUP CONSIDERATIONS).

Q. Can we purchase any other items available online?

A. Yes, with the exception of all award badges and adult uniforms. In fact the range of options available to our members will be greater through the online store than they were in our own shops and over time the range will expand.


Q. How will leader uniforms be purchased?

A. These will only be available by logging on using your Queensland membership number and (Scout Central) password. Only adult members will be able to purchase adult uniforms. Once logged into Scout Central you can move to without logging in again, the two sites are housed within the same shared platform.


Q. What badges will be available for purchase online?

A. All Award Scheme badges will be available for purchase online by all Leaders, with the exception of the top award for each Section which will continue to be supplied by the Branch Support Office.


Q. Will Queensland specific badges (e.g. District and Region Badges) be available online?

A. No. These badges will not be available online however they can be purchased from the National shop at very competitive prices due to their direct factory connections – they have their own office in Shanghai and manage all production directly, not through third parties. Simply email your design to and they will provide you with a quote. Most District badges will now be less than $1 to purchase through the National store. A page of information will be added to the store soon. There is no change to the Queensland Branch badge approval process (see form F12). Once the badge design is approved the Formation can make arrangements to have the relevant badge manufactured either via the National store or another supplier.

Q. Will the Queensland scarf and woggle be available online?

A. Yes. It is now. But orders for it will not be filled until late March. Until then source from the Queensland Branch Supply Centre or Regional Supply Centres.

Q. Will the maroon Adult Helper polo shirt still be available?

A. Yes, the National supplier will stock this item for us. Pricing to be confirmed.

Q. How will the changes affect the role of the Badge Secretary?

A. The formal process of registering a Badge Secretary with Queensland Branch will no longer be required. However, the role of Badge Secretary can still function and should be managed at a local level. The Badge Secretary role provides valuable administrative support to the formation. Badge Secretaries will need to be registered Adult Members or Leaders to obtain access to the Award Scheme Badges on


Q. How are the changes to be implemented within Groups?

A. The Branch Treasurer is currently looking at updating QBSI to reflect the changes to Policy and Rules (R4.8) and to reflect changes in the banking industry with electronic banking. A number of Groups and Sections are now using debit cards available through Australia Post, and other providers. These cards are loaded with an amount and can be topped up as required. Sections are using them to operate their petty cash account for program resources and patrols are being provided with them to purchase their supplies for camps etc.

By using these cards the role of the Badge Secretary could be continued without Branch registration. The current A9 form could be retained by Groups for all badge requirements. It can then be a simple matter for the Badge Secretary to purchase all badges online, pay for them using the card and print the purchase order. The Treasurer as an authorised bank account user and another user could then top up the card once the paperwork was received and charge the cost back to the relevant Section sub-account.

An alternative Direct Debit payment option is available on which will email the purchaser an invoice on completion of the online order. This invoice could then be forwarded to the Group Treasurer for payment. Once payment is received by Inspire Apparel the goods will be shipped. This method will be a little slower as payment must be received first, but many other Groups in Australia are already using this method.

Remember that Badge Secretaries must be registered Adult Members to obtain access to purchasing proficiency badges.

Q. Should Groups assist parents with purchasing the correct size uniform for their child?

A. This is up to each Group to decide. It would be helpful though for Leaders to advise new parents about the correct size for their child and this can easily be done by comparing the size of their child to another already in uniform and checking the size. There is a sizing chart on The Group could retain a second-hand uniform of each size, or hold one of each of the main sizes to on-sell to parents. There is no postage cost to order these, so you can recover the cost quickly.

Q. What precautions can be put in place to prevent Leaders from working around the badge purchasing procedures implemented by the Group?

A. None. Firstly, anyone was able to purchase supplies from the previous online shop. The new National shop only allows Leaders and Adult Members to purchase the Award Scheme Badges. It is up to our Leaders to ensure our youth members are only wearing the badges they have earned. All other Branches have moved away from Badge Secretary control some years ago and placed full trust in their Leaders to manage the issuing of badges, to make Scouting easier for all. Remember the highest level award in each Section continues to be Branch controlled.

Q. Where do we purchase Group, District, Region Names Tapes?

A. Name tapes can be purchased directly from Cashes by login in to, choose woven clothing labels, then choose “Nametapes prestige sew in Clothing Labels. The style 27 large should be chosen with a background colour of “Navy” and lettering colour of “yellow”. If you need assistance, then you can call 1800 020 204 or email


(This page will be updated as new information become available for distribution)


(If you are having trouble reading this email, download a PDF copy here)

Dear Members of Scouts Queensland,

In November 2015 Scouts Australia informed us of their decision to operate a new National Online Supply Shop.  The shop will stock uniforms, badges, books, stationery, scarves, woggles, flag accessories, gifts and souvenirs, plaques, Queen’s Scout and BP Award memorabilia and camp blankets.  The online prices remain the same with free postage to customers.  As a result of this Scouts Queensland has made the decision to no longer operate a Scout Supply Centre from the Branch Support Office effective 31st March 2016.

The Scouts Australia online shop is located at and we would encourage you to log in as a Leader / Member.  All members can use the “Scout Leader sign in”, eg a parent of a Cub Scout can sign in here by using the Cubs Scouts Queensland Membership number and date of birth format, (DDMMYY).  For Leaders and Members who use e-learning then you need to use the same password you use for eLearning.  Your role in Scouting will determine what products are available to you to purchase via the online shop.

The site will now become the key distribution channel for the Scout uniform and supplies and will also supply specific Scouts Queensland items directly to our Members and to Branch. This will be effective from 1st April or sooner and will include Queensland scarf, woggle, pants/trousers/skorts and hat.  More details will come as we finalise these arrangements.

Regional Scout Supply Shops?

Scout supplies will still be available from Kennedy Region Scout Outdoor Centre and Moreton Region Scout Shops.  The Darling Downs Region Shop is continuing business as usual as they are still to make a final decision.  Gold Coast Scout shop will close operations on 31st March 2016.

Where to from here?

Some orders which have been placed with Queensland Branch Scout Supply Centre will be directed to the National online shop as no new stock will be ordered by the Scout Supply Centre.  Once items are depleted in the Queensland Branch Scout Supply Centre, you will be directed to order at the online shop. You can start using the online shop now and do not have to wait until 1st April, but not all Queensland items will be available yet.

Why so sudden?

Unfortunately the tight time line has been out of our hands and we have worked as quickly as we can over the Christmas period to support the new National online shop arrangements. We explored many options to try to keep our Queensland Branch Scout Supply Centre open but none were viable.

Delivery times to Queensland?

The online company operates from Melbourne and they have agreed to make Queensland orders a priority and are investigating the best postal options.

The role of Badge Secretaries

The position of Badge Secretary will be reviewed as part of the change process. More information to follow.

What about Blue Cards and Leader uniforms?

There is no change to the Queensland QBSI Policy.

More questions?

More details when available will be placed on the Queensland website when they are finalised or you can contact Jean Clifford, 07 3721 5721, 0402 076 525 or email

We ask for your patience and understanding please as we work through these new arrangements.

Use this link to download a flyer for distribution regarding ordering from the new online shop.

Yours in Scouting,

Kirsty M Brown, OAM, Chief Commissioner Scouts Queensland

Trevor Ruthenberg, General Manager Scouts Queensland

This information was distributed via email to all Members of the Queensland Branch who have an email address on Monday 15 February 2016 along with being placed on this website.