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About SSS

SSS is a 4 day/3 night Patrol camp held at BP Park in the winter school holidays. This year it will be held from 5th July to 8th July 2019. It is open to all Queensland Scout Patrols.

On offer over the weekend will be a wide range of activity bases and evening entertainment along with a visit to Gang Show.

On Saturday evening Patrols will have a Leader attend dinner.  Patrols have until 5:00 pm Friday to nominate a leader they don’t know to invite to dinner.  After this time a Leader will be appointed to a Patrol if they don’t have one. This is a competition meal and will be judged by your guest Leader.

From this year, SSS offers all youth members the opportunity to undertake some of their Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) stages. Some of the activities will allow you to do this. On Friday afternoon July 5, Scouts wishing to be benchmarked in some of their Aquatics Skill stages can go to the heated pool to undertake this activity.

Applications are OPEN from May 17 until June 17 by using the Application Management System


Scouts and Leaders will be able to apply through the application system on the Branch website. The applications will be open from May 17 and will close on the 17th of June.  This will be a hard close so there’s no more leaving it to the very last minute. Applications will be limited to the first 140 patrols.

Apply for SSS 2019

The SSS fee for Scouts is $70. On top of this, each Patrol will need to organise their own food. The food component needs to be paid for within the Patrol/Troop structure.

The base fee for Leaders is $28. There are a number of options which include Gang Show, the Friday Night Fellowship Meal and the Catering at the Snow Centre. The additional cost for these is displayed on the online application.

Keep an eye on this webpage as more details will be published in the near future. It is still up to the Patrol Leaders to look after their Patrols and this will still be part of the application process.

To assist with your preparations you can download the C4 from the Downloads section of the SSS site.

The cut-off date for SSS will be strictly adhered to. Applications will close on 17 June 2019 at 11:59pm.


Patrol Supervision

The primary responsibility of Leaders at SSS is the supervision of Patrols from their Troop. While SSS’s main focus is Patrol camping we must balance this with our responsibility to ensure they are coping with the conditions, are safe and having a good time. This can be best achieved by visiting your Patrols each day to see how they are going. Offer some words of wisdom but please don’t jump in and do everything for them.  You need to sign in and out at the Subcamp headquarters each time you visit them.


Leaders will not be camping with the Scouts. All Leaders will be in the area from Chernobyl Glade to the Providore. In planning your tentage please bear in mind the limited space so don’t bring a 12 person tent just for yourself.

For those with Auto tents, you will need to consider other options as vehicles will not be allowed onto the camping area.  Barricades will be in place to prevent vehicles going through onto the camping areas.


Leaders have the option to cater for themselves during the weekend or to be catered for in the Snow Centre from Saturday morning to Monday Lunch.  You need to indicate which meals you wish to be catered for.

On Friday night Leaders have the opportunity to be catered for by DC Catering’s Wok’N Rice Street Menu. For $20 you can purchase a main, dessert and drink. Leaders wishing to partake in this will need to indicate this on their application form. Leaders will pay Wok’N Rice directly on Friday night. Please assist by having the correct amount. We will provide DC Catering with a list of the leaders who wish to take up this option for catering purposes. Leaders will be able to enjoy some fellowship time at the Providore.

On Saturday night most Leaders will be invited by a Patrol or allocated a Patrol for a gastronomic delight and some good company. If you are one of the unfortunate ones that misses out then you will need to provide your own meal on that night.


We need all the help we can get running activities to keep this many Scouts busy. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday Leaders will be rostered on activities. Core teams will be on the same activity during the weekend whereas others will be on different activities to give them a broader experience.

Gang Show

Leaders have the opportunity to attend the Gang Show along with the Scouts. We will try to ensure that Leaders go with their Scouts but this isn’t always possible so please be prepared for this eventuality. A roster will be posted at SSS HQ so don’t forget to check it. If you want to go to the Gang Show be sure it is indicated on your application. Don’t turn up on the day and expect there to be a seat.  Unfortunately, you will miss out.


What would a camp be without plenty of activities to keep you occupied? Thankfully a dedicated bunch of Leaders have put a lot of thought into challenging and adventurous activities to keep you busy over the duration of SSS. There are a few activities that are regulars at every SSS but the rest are changed around each year to keep it interesting.

Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS)

From this year SSS offers all youth members the opportunity to undertake some of their Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) stages. Some of the activities will allow you to do this. On Friday afternoon July 5, Scouts wishing to be benchmarked in some of their Aquatics Skill stages can go to the heated pool to undertake this activity.

Gang Show

All Scouts attending SSS will go to see the Gang Show. The Gang show is a theatrical show that is produced and performed by Youth Members. This show runs over the school holidays and we are lucky enough to one of the first to see it. For Scouts, the cost is included in the SSS fee. If you wish to purchase a Gang Show Badge then you need to allow about $2.50 for this and purchase it at the theatre when you go to the Gang Show.

Leaders (including Venturer Scouts and Rovers) can go to the Gang Show as well, in fact, we need you to go to help wrangle the Scouts. The cost of Leaders attending Gang Show is additional to their base fee. If you wish to purchase a Gang Show Badge then you need to allow about $2.50 for this as well and purchase it at the theatre when you go to the Gang Show.

Patrol Challenges (Russian Challenge)

All Scouts will participate in the new revamped Patrol Challenges. You will be tested on how well you work together as a Patrol and how good your Scouting skills and knowledge are. You will compete head to head with other Patrols and earn points that count towards the SSS Shield. Can you outwit the Cossacks?

Competition Dinner

On Saturday night you will have the chance to impress a Leader that you don’t know. Patrols have until 5:00 pm Friday to nominate a Leader they don’t know to invite to dinner.  After this time a Leader will be appointed to a Patrol if they don’t have one.  The dinner has to be a three-course meal based around the theme for SSS. Your guest will have a great time with your Patrol over dinner but remember they will be checking everything out and giving you a score that counts towards the SSS Shield.

Optional Activities

In addition to the above, there is a selection of optional activities to try out.

This year’s theme is ‘Pacific Rim’:

Pacific Aria Laser Tag (Laser Skirmish)

P & O Edge’s Pacific Aria presents Laser Tag on the High Seas!

The P&O Edge program is the world’s largest adventure park at sea and gives passengers the opportunity to climb, swing, and now play high-tech hide-and-seek in parts of the ship which had previously never been seen by guests.

Scouts will have the opportunity to test their mettle like a live video game whilst having fun playing high tech hide and seek. Travel around the Pacific Ocean defending your teammates.

Iron Chef Japan (Cooking)

Cook some fine Pacific Rim food and sample your efforts. Can you impress Chairman Kaga in his Kitchen Stadium and beat the Iron Chefs – Kenichi, Ishinabe, Sakai, Kobe, and especially the Japanese experts of Michiba, Nakamura or Morimoto?

Norfolk Island 3D Archery Championships (Archery)

Every year the Norfolk Island Archery association host visiting Pacific archers on their South Pacific home turf. A 3D tournament with compound, recurve, longbow, CUB divisions plus the island flavour, chook-chaser division, all set amongst the rainforest, is Archery Norfolk Island style. Scouts can expect a fun and challenging event.

Talk to any previous participants and they’ll tell you it’s not just about the competition there’s another special dimension to the shoot. The friendly local club, possibly the most hospitable in the Pacific, ply archers and families with island fish fries and social events through the week.

It’s a super-social event, in fact, the club encourages participants to bring along family members and friends to share in a Norfolk Island holiday. The island boasts many activities and tours for family and friends to enjoy whilst archers are competing. Everyone unites later in the day to enjoy social activities that follow.

Water Activities at Waimea Bay in Hawaii

Enjoy the warm waters of the pacific with stand up paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. Waimea Bay is famous for big swell surfing. Are you able to ride the waves with your craft? Who can wear the fanciest Hawaiian shirt?

Pacific Games Apia Samoa

A range of games including Zorb balling, tug of war, street hockey, badminton, beach volleyball, bocce.

Rotorua – Mudlark

A range of fun challenges with a little (or a lot) of mud from the spring thaw. Can you find anything in the mud of the geysers or perhaps apply a mud pack to your face to take away the impurities?

Geocoinfest Seattle (Geocaching)

Explore the Pacific Northeast and the Seattle area! We’ve got plenty of geocaches, sights and activities for the whole patrol and Geocaching HQ right around the corner (space is limited so be sure to schedule your visit before you come to SSS by making it one of your selections. Just up I90 is North America’s last Project Ape Cache. Four hours south (depending on traffic) is the Original Stash Plaque. Two hours to the North is Canada! Be sure to check out the Salmon Hatchery and the world famous Seattle Fish Markets. Can you toss the fish and catch it?

Tour Down Under (Mountain Biking)

The Tour Down Under has 6 stages held over a week travelling through much of South Australia. It covers more than 827 km. How many stages can your patrol travel? Can you find any of the spots you visited at the Jamboree?

Gilligan’s Island (Pioneering)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship. The mate was a mighty sailin’ man, the Skipper brave and sure, five passengers set sail that day, for a three-hour tour.

Can you build everything you need to survive as a castaway? Are you up for the challenge?

Pacific Adventure (Shanghai Chinese Grand Prix (Pedal Carts) / Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica (Horizontal Bungee) / West Coast Archery Tag British Columbia (Archery Tag)).

Travel between China, Costa Rica and Canada as you participate in Pedal Carts, Horizontal Bungee and Archery Tag.

STEM – Griffith University

The University was established in 1971 and has been experimenting ever since. What science discoveries can you make? Can you win the STEM Cup this year?

Orienteering Singapore Scouts (EAST AREA ORIENTEERING RACE 2019)

The Area Orienteering Race is an event that aims to encourage scouts to actively participate in orienteering as a sport which involves the use of map and compass to search for checkpoints within the fastest possible time and experience the joy of group life.

Andes Mountaineering (Abseiling, Climbing, Crate Stacking).

One of the world’s great mountain ranges, the Andes form the spine of the south American continent running 7000 kilometres with peaks in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia & Venezuela. The highest peak of all the climbs in the Andes and the highest in South America,and indeed the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas is Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.

Can you conquer it?

Your Patrol Leader will discuss with your Patrol the activities you wish to do. The PL will enter preferences on their application for which activities your Patrol wants to do. We’ll try our best to give you your preferences but this can’t always be managed. Depending on final numbers there may be an increase or reduction in the activities being offered.

CCC (Cubs Can Come)

9:00am to 1:00pm, 6th July 2019

CCC is a great opportunity for Cub Scouts aged 9.5 and older to come out to SSS and see the Scout Section in action and to get a taste of what is waiting for them in the next Section.

Normally a Patrol will invite Cubs from their own Group to come out and visit.

Whilst at SSS they will get to:

  • Go for a ramble over the site and see all of the activity.
  • Participate in some of the mudlark base.
  • Participate in Patrol challenges.
  • Have lunch in a Patrol campsite with the Patrol that invited them.

Cub Scouts that would like to come and visit but don’t have a Patrol from their own Group at SSS can still do so. There are over 100 Patrols at SSS so I’m sure that we can find a Patrol who would like to have some guests for Lunch.

CCC is not only for Cub Scouts. We encourage as many Cub Scout Leaders as possible to come out and join in also.

Download a CCC Flyer from the Downloads section.


Please click on the links below to download documents. Many of these are Adobe Acrobat documents for which you will need a reader to view. If you don’t have one you can obtain Acrobat Reader for free from Download Acrobat Reader.

SSS Camp Chief
Chris Foreman
Branch Commissioner (Scouts)