Jamboree Units

Queensland Jamboree Units will be spread across the Jamboree site providing support to not only the members of their Unit but also those Units from other states and possibly overseas.

The Jamboree Unit it typically made up of 4 Leaders and 36 Youth members.

Jamboree Scout Leader

The Jamboree Scout Leader is responsible for oversight and co-ordination of a Jamboree Unit. They are well organised, have excellent leadership and team development skills as well as experience having attended previous Jamborees or major events. This role works with the Contingent Management team and other key stakeholders to ensure the success of the Jamboree Unit.

Assistant Jamboree Scout Leader

Each Jamboree Unit is made up of a number of Line Leaders (Assistant Jamboree Scout Leaders) who work with the Jamboree Scout Leader to provide a functional, well operating and successful leader team to support youth members attending this event. AJSL’s take on a role as part of the Unit Leadership team of either Admin/Comms, Quartermaster, Health/Wellbeing or Activities.

Patrol Leaders

Each Jamboree Unit is made up of 36 Scouts made up from different Units across the State – Scouts from the same Unit are kept together and if possible will be with a Leader from their home unit to provide that extra level of support whilst at the Jamboree.

Within each Unit there will be six Patrols each with a Patrol Leader appointed prior to the Jamboree commencing.