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How a Father and Daughter Survived Floodwaters

You may have seen in the media coverage regarding a father and daughter who survived 36 hours in Maryborough floodwaters.

The pair had to grab on to a tree after their car was washed into floodwaters on Friday night.  The father managed to swim to their submerged car to get a rope and used this to tie himself and his daughter to the tree.

In an interview with the Courier Mail, the father explained, “I cut up a small piece of rope and tied it up around [his daughters] arms and put a loop in the other end around my wrist so she was never more than six feet from me,” 

In the article the father said how “his younger years in Cub Scouts, as well as working on boats for many years assisting him in tying the knots necessary to keep the pair from being swept away over the two nights.”

We are delighted the pair are now safe and well.

Scouts teaches basic survival skills, but we all need to be prepared and have a plan of action before the danger strikes! 

Learn more about how to plan for a flood with emergency tips from ABC, available here.