SDG Challenge Launch

Scouting is about developing solid citizens. This is certainly an important goal especially when we consider the spirit of our communities at this time – locally with the Mud Armies helping in times of flood and globally we remember people in the Ukraine, uniting together to protect their families and their country from invasion.  Today we launch in Queensland the SDG Challenge.  Families can join in too as a Family Patrol.

The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

They were developed through the United Nations where Countries, Organisations and Leaders from around the world worked together focusing on key areas that we need to address to deliver a more sustainable world by 2030.

As Scouts we are committed to taking action on the SDGs as part of the #Scouts4SDGs movement – both through our program and embedded in our other practices (like through our Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan).  The SDGs give us key focus areas that we can explore and address to improve environmental, social and economic sustainability for people around the world.

Our SDG Challenge encourages all members of Scouting in Sectional Units, Patrols or Project Patrols, or as a family unit involving brothers and sisters to participate in SDG activities that are designed to create a better world.

As a one off special this year, members of Patrols, Project Patrols, Units and Groups who achieve the Challenge would earn a metal badge that can be purchased and worn on the uniform on the right side of the shirt until the end of this year.  It can also be worn on any hat or shirt you have as its meaning is universal.

SDG Challenge – What to do! 

  1. Check out the video as a start at:
  2. Now form a Project or Family Patrol – this can be youth and/or adult members who work together to:
  • Gain Awareness (Plan>
  • Take Action (Do>
  • Inspire Others(Do> Review)

In Project Patrols, or Units or Family Unit

  • PLAN – explore briefly the 17 SDGs and discuss these and their importance in our community and design a project that is based around at least two SDGs.
  • DO the project – Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts putting at least 10 hours of effort and older members 20 hours.
  • REVIEW the project and make suggestions for what you can do next year. Register your work on


  • Approval of the Project is with the Unit Council.
  • Members may earn PAL through this project and where personal objectives are addressed and approved by the Unit Council, a Special Interest Area badge.
  • Attainment of the SDG Challenge is not a requirement for the Peak Award but can be recorded on Scouts Terrain.

    For this year, as a special in Queensland you can order the special Qld Scout SDG Badge that can be worn on your uniform or any shirt you have.   Details obtained using an ORDER Form from SDG Lapel Pin Order Form | SiAM2021 (