What We’ve Been Up To

Bunya Scout Group attend Toowoomba Islamic Ramadan Iftar 

Bunya Park Scout group we’re invited to attend the Toowoomba Islamic Multi-faith Multicultural Association Iftar dinner at the University of Southern Queensland on Wednesday the 13th of April.
Scouts also chipped in and gave a hand in setting up the tables and handing out the drinks just before the breaking of the fast.
The evening also gave an opportunity for our Scouts to meet many different people from the Toowoomba community.

Training Comes in Handy: Gatton Fire Scare

Gatton Scout Group were involved in a real live fire evacuation the second last week of meetings.    The fire alarm in the den went off and the Leaders who were there investigated and could not find any fire or smoke. 
We switched the alarm off and within a few seconds the alarm went off again.  The Joey and Cub leaders were outside on the grounds and they were advised to move to the meeting point which is across the road at the golf course. The Venturer Leader and DC did a bit of investigation and it was decided to contact 000 for the Fire Department to attend as there was a faint smell of smoke.   
Two trucks, sirens blaring attended and it was found that the Fan was sending smoke signals to the fire alarm.   Investigation was made in the roof to ensure that no fire had gotten into the roof.   
The Fire Brigade said it was the right thing to do even though we did not have flames.   The smell of smoke is danger enough. Disaster diverted. All safe. Kids enjoyed watching the display from across the road. Job well done Gatton.

Easter Canoe Expedition on Mary River

On the 13th April six canoes set float on Yabba Creek filled with Venturers from Gordon Park (Brisbane) and Pialba (Hervey Bay) for one last skills instruction, to make sure that we all spoke the same canoe language. 

The Mary River between Moy Pocket Road and Tuchekoi Road was filled with the adventure we were waiting for!  There were moving water passages galore and we were so excited to learn from and share ideas with our Guide about the best path for safe passage.  Of course, each encounter ended one of two ways – total exhilaration when we mastered the passage or a learning opportunity about how to do it better next time, the first far exceeding the latter.    

The final day from Traveston Crossing Road to Gympie Sands Canoeing Area, saw the river widen, with longer ponds but enough fun moving water passages to keep us engaged.  We learnt that the steep cliffs often held moving water and the flatter countryside had wider, calmer waters.  This day had the biggest portage as the river was blocked with debris from the recent floods.  This was another opportunity to put new skills into practice and attach the tow ropes to manoeuvre the canoes down the river. 

There were some very proud Venturers and Leaders who navigated the challenges of the river and are looking forward to their next moving water adventure.  We learnt some valuable skills including how to navigate the river, tips such as “smooth V is for me” and made some great friendships. BRAVO to Ross Sticklen for sharing your canoeing skills and passion, it was infectious. 

Max  (Pialba venturer) 

 I had the chance to do an expedition along the Mary River, so I took this chance to complete my queen scout journey and improve and learn new skills needed for moving water. Overall the journey was fun and I enjoyed it. 


Kyniska (Pialba venturer) 

 I had a chance to improve my skills and adapt to my situation, which was needed for the first day. It was my first time on moving water, learning the skills necessary plus a few extra, and overall I enjoyed myself.