Campaign AFCI

Nationally, over the last 6 years the contents and structure of the Youth Program has been reviewed and a new program is now in operation.  Queensland has been transitioning to this over the last three years and our State should now be fully implementing this.  The key words associated with the new program are Adventurous, Fun, Challenging and Inclusive.  This week Campaign AFCI has been launched, taking the initial letter from each of the four key words and is aimed at having all adult leaders in Queensland implementing the features of the new Youth Program by August 2023.

The new Youth Program has been based around educational outcomes linked to the development ages of our youth members and also aligns with key aspects of the national curriculum. As well as focussing on social, physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional  development.  Currently about 40% of adult leaders have transitioned to the elements of the new program through their training.  Campaign AFCI is aimed at getting all leaders competent and confident in these new aspects.

Campaign AFCI is done using on-demand learning and can be self-paced.  Participation in three group workshops of one hour duration is also required.  AFCI consists of 2 phases.

Phase 1- requires all leaders to complete the Scouting Preliminary (on demand learning modules; 5 Units +  Scoutsafe and WHS) and attendance at two arranged local Workshops.  Modules are available to support districts run these workshops.  It is hoped this phase can be completed by the end February 2023.

Phase 2- requires all leaders to complete the Scout Essentials (on demand learning modules: 10 Units) and attendance at one additional arranged local Workshop. It is hoped the second phase will be completed by the end August 2023.

Incentive badges to be worn on the uniform of all adult leaders who have engaged in the program will be provided after completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Look out as leaders start to wear these on their uniforms after they have completed these phases.

Further details are available from your District Commissioner or from