Online Incident Reporting

Paper forms carry an inherent risk of loss, give rise to a time delay in completion and submission, and are not a contemporary method of reporting, tracking, and responding to incidents and near misses. This has been raised as a significant risk factor by insurers. Scouts Queensland has now introduced an online Incident Report Form. NB: This online incident report form is not for reporting child protection issues. That remains covered by completion of the F8 Child Abuse Report Form.

Child Safety Incident or Allegation Report

It is a requirement of Scouts Queensland that if any Adult or Youth Member or other volunteer suspects a child has experienced Child Abuse or is at risk of experiencing Child Abuse, that person must contact the Police (or if appropriate Child Safety Services). This is not limited to Scouting related activities. 

Adults must immediately report to the Police and if appropriate Child Safety Services and Scouts Queensland, suspected, known or disclosed instances of Child Abuse. A failure to report is a breach of the Queensland Branch Policy, and Scouts Australia Code of Conduct. 

When a legislated ‘Mandate Reporter’ makes a report for a reportable situation that occurs in Scouting, that person shall also complete the Branch Child Abuse Report (F8). To complete the form click on the button below.