Who has access?

The following appointment types have access to SMS. Refer to the user guide for more information about what features are available for your appointment. Access to SMS is based on the primary Adult appointment you are allocated. As soon as that appointment is active your access to SMS will start. Once the appointment is resigned access is removed.

  • Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders
  • Group Leader / Assistant Group Leaders
  • Chairman, Treasurer and Secretaries
  • District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners
  • District and Region Leaders
  • Assistant Region Commissioners
  • Region Commissioners and Branch team

How to use the system – user guide – SMS User Guide and Other Support Documents


Accessing the Scout Membership System

Logging into SMS is a two part process that requires you to enter your login information twice.

INFORMATION: You no longer need to log into the Scouts Queensland Members Section before logging into SMS.

You can use the link to SMS on the Scouts Queensland website for quick access or the link below.


Trouble using the system or logging in. How do I receive help?

To request assistance with logging in please use the Helpdesk by emailing your name, membership number and email address to The helpdesk is managed during business hours Monday to Friday.