Grant Success in 2021 and Planning for 2022

The start of a new year is a great opportunity for Scout Groups to plan and develop projects to support on-going improvements. This could include funding new equipment, Leader training opportunities, building works or even a new trailer and Scouts Queensland has a Grants Officer to help!

So what are your plans for 2022? And what can you as parents / guardians do to support your Scout Group?

Here are just a few examples of projects and services funded during 2021:

Thanks to the Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund, in 2021, Scout Groups receive over $360k to carry out maintenance and improvement projects, and to purchase activity, camping and grounds maintenance equipment.

Thanks to the Federal Governments, Stronger Communities Program, $65k was received to purchase equipment and install safety equipment and carry out building upgrades. 

Thanks to the Federal Governments, Volunteer Grants, Scout Groups received over $67k to provide training and equipment to encourage, support and increase participation in volunteering. 

Thanks to the Queensland Government, COVID Safe Active Clubs Kick Start Program, over $48k was provided for equipment, training and operational expenses. 

And many more Groups received funding from their local councils for projects and equipment. In total over $780k was raised through grant funding alone to support Scouting in Queensland. 

So how do we pay for these projects? 

Scout Groups participate in fundraising activities and sometimes receive donations but one of the main funding opportunities for not for profit organisations like Scouts is through Grants. 

 What is Grant funding? 

Grants are non-repayable funds disbursed by Grant Makers such as Government Departments, Corporations, Foundations or Trusts who provide support to fund specific projects. 

In contrast to a gift or donations, when we accept grant funding the organisation ‘Scouts Queensland’ is entering into a legal agreement to spend the funds in accordance with terms and conditions and there will be a form of compliance and reporting required.  Simply, Grants are not money, but they are financial assistance to purchase or deliver something i.e. a shed or equipment.  

 How can you help? 

Scout Groups depend on volunteer Committee Members to assist with running projects and applying for grant funding.  If you can spare some time to support your Group, speak to your Group Leader about opportunities on the Group Committee, read the guidance set out in the Grants Toolkit and Templates Section of the Scouts Queensland website and contact the Grants Officer

 Make volunteering with Scouts your new year’s resolution.