Our Youth Program

Scouts Australia has recently reviewed its Youth Program.  We know that being a young person in today’s world has opportunities and challenges.   Some of these are specific to the 21st Century, and some that have been around for a long time. The new Youth Program is built around skills, knowledge and attitudes that young people need to be citizens and leaders in their local, national and global communities. Detailed research started in 2012 and study was done to provide a program for all youth from ages 5 to 25  that while being delivered in sections is one continuous journey based around milestones that each take up to a year to achieve.

The biggest change is in the badges and personal progression pathways.  Previously most requirements for badges were clearly defined.  The new program has much greater scope where regardless of the age or section, and includes:

    • More opportunities for youth members regardless of their age to assume leadership responsibilities, supervised and assisted by adults


    • youth must participate, assist and lead a number of different projects


    • all youth members form the Unit Council and with support of adult leaders design their program and activities


    • activities can be done in home patrols or specially formed project patrols


    • All youth are encouraged to Plan>Do>Review> all the activities they select


    • Program consists of Milestones, based on participate, assist and lead; Special Interest Area badges where each youth selects personal interest areas; and Outdoor adventure skills  which are competency based and continue throughout each youth’s journey regardless of their section


    There is no doubt the Youth Program being offered now is safe, adventurous, challenging, fun and inclusive.  For more information talk to leaders and youth in your group. Other resources are available via the ‘Click Here’ button.