Youth Program: The Golden Rules of Internet Safety

The Internet brings people closer together. For Scouts, we know it can be a great source for tools and information to make our world a better place.

The Internet can also be a source of serious issues, like cyberbullying, harassment, identity theft and abuse. This can happen when chatting and posting on social media, gaming platforms and even Scouting channels at JOTA-JOTI.

Just as Scouts model good behaviour at all times. It is important we do this on-line also.  It is important that everyone feels safe online so that we can continue to use the Internet to create a better world. Make sure you are always prepared by following these tips to stay safe online:


Golden Rules of Internet Safety based around our Scout Promise and Law.

  1. Be kind

Treat others with kindness, the way you would want to be treated. Respect differences in feelings and opinions. If you witness bullying online, you should let a trusted adult know.


  1. Be mindful about what you share 

Don’t share your, or anyone else’s personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, passwords and pictures you wouldn’t want everyone to see. Before sharing anything about another person, ask them if they are agreeable with you doing this. Check your sources and make sure any news or facts you share are true.



  1. Don’t meet in-person with people you meet online 

People you’ve only met online are still strangers – even if you’ve been talking for a long time. Sometimes, a person might lie about who they are, which can be dangerous. Check with your parents or carers for permission to meet someone you’ve met online, and only meet them with them present.



  1. Keep your personal information private

Check the “Privacy Settings” on your social media channels and make them private so that your personal information is only shared with those you choose to have as friends. Even then, never post personal information on the Internet.



  1. Report harmful posts

Here’s a way you can help make the Internet a safer place for everyone! If a post online makes you feel uncomfortable, take the responsibility to click “Report”. This includes posts that are inappropriate or harmful to yourself or others.



  1.  Tell a trusted adult
    If you receive messages or see posts that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, tell a trusted adult, like a family member or Scout leader, about the message you received or the post you saw. 


By learning and taking action, you’re helping to keep Scouts – and everyone else – Safe From Harm on the Internet and making our world a better place.


A useful local resource has been developed by the Qld Police to assist families using the internet.  Using the Family Internet Safety Agreement (  each young member of the family agrees and signs off as to appropriate behaviour when using the internet.  This agreement contains many of the points made above and can form the basis of discussions between parents and children.   Further useful resources for parents to have discussions with their children about internet usage can be found at Kids | eSafety Commissioner and Young People | eSafety Commissioner


Safe Internet using and Safe Scouting! 

Youth Program Team