From the Chief Commissioner

Over the last month I have highlighted to our Leaders the following topics-

COVID is widespread in South-East Queensland so please encourage the use of the usual precautions – vaccination, social distancing and mask wearing supported by good hand hygiene.

Region Commissioners Conference, District Commissioners Conference and Queensland Branch Rover Council (QBRC) Conference 15-17 July Baden-Powell Park Samford.

Online Membership Application
The much-anticipated online membership application will be available on our web site next week. The application is for new Youth Members, Adult Members, Youth Program Supporters and Youth Helpers with the on-line form accessing the relevant details needed for each of the existing forms being replaced. Application advice is routed to the Formation Leader (generally the Group Leader) for consideration and when relevant, reference checks, Blue Card checks and payment details.

This on-line form significantly reduces the amount of paper circulating within Scouting and streamlines the process within Groups.

Digital Security – Two Factor Authentication
Scouts Queensland initiated the activation of 2FA for all Commissioners in 2021 based on the increased consequences of hacking of their accounts with the intention of subsequent waves of 2FA rolling deeper into the organisation.

We are now ready for the next step which will target, Group Leaders, Assistant Group Leaders and all other District, Region, and Branch appointments.

Jamborette and SSS discussions at Region Commissioners Conference
When the cancellation of AJ2022 was announced, we gave consideration to initiating a replacement event for the Scout Section within Queensland.

So, the discussions over the conference weekend led to a proposal to run a Scout Section event in two locations (North Queensland and Southeast Queensland) in July 2023 with applications open to Patrols who self-cater and provide their own camping equipment for a 5–6-day event with a competitive standards element and an OAS element. This is an exciting outcome. There will be more details coming out shortly.

RISK Management
Continues to develop and education and training was shared with RC/DC’s over the conference weekend and is now being prepared for wider distribution.

Scouts Queensland Branch Council Annual General Meeting 28 July
Geoff Doo and Jean Clifford were re-elected to Branch Executive.

Jane Prentice was re-elected as President.

Jean Clifford was elected as an Honorary Life Member in recognition of 29 years as a Leader Trainer, 18 years on Branch Executive and her involvement in eleven Jamborees from 1982 through to 2019.

Election of Chief Commissioner Elect Geoff Doo from 1st November 2022 for 3 years

Election of Jacqui Bridge to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dave Laurie

Correspondence from Branch Council member Ken Durham

Adult Recognition Awards
This year a total of 87 Adult Recognition Award Recipients were announced with a summary as follows:

Award Number awarded 2022
Special Services Award 3
Meritorious Services Award 40
Outstanding Services 6
Silver Wattle 16
Distinguished Services Award 2
Silver Koala 9
Silver Emu 6
Silver Kangaroo 2
Rover Service Award 3
Total 87

Scout involvement at the Royal National Association (Ekka) starting 6 August
Scouts Queensland is participating in the traditional themed Youth in Agriculture fruit and vegetable display in the Agricultural Hall.

As a first, Scouts will be flag bearers for flag ceremony that will take place in the main arena each evening at around 7pm.  Flag bearers are all Youth Members from across all five Sections representing 22 Queensland Scout Groups.

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