Cuboree ’23 Fundraising

One of the activities at Cuboree ’23 will be an epic “Colour Explosion” that every youth will get to participate in. Along with colourful sunglasses and headband, this will be an amazing end to one of our youth’s activity days provided by Australian Fundraising.

With their support, Cuboree ’23 is offering an opportunity for individuals, sections, or groups to fundraise. This fundraising offers individuals the chance to gain a share of the surplus which will be used to reduce their final payment for Cuboree ’23.

In line with the Cuboree ’23 environmental goal, the fundraiser also supports coral propagation or tree planting in environmentally significant areas of Australia. Every $20 raised will plant 1 coral or 1 tree in whichever area you choose when setting up your fundraising profile.

How does it work?

Open to ANY youth or adult, they can create a profile with Plant A Difference, choosing Cuboree ’23. Share their profile across their social media platforms and start raising money. Not limited to only those attending Cuboree ’23, this allows groups, sections or even families, to get involved, help their Cuboree ’23 attendees, and do good for the environment.

The fundraiser can be started at any time up until 31/03/2023. Once closed, all fundraising participants will be cross matched against Cuboree ’23 applications using the email address in both systems. All those that have raised funds and have a SHQ approved application will receive a credit for an equal share of the surplus against their final payment.

Providing equal share of the surplus to all that fundraise gives equal opportunity to all Cubs and Adults no matter where they are located across Qld. We can all live our Scout Promise and help other people. Our regional groups, with reduced access to the same resources as our SE Qld groups, can gain the same benefits. The surplus to be shared is 60% of all funds raised.

How do I set up a fundraising profile?

  1. Go to
  2. Complete details to create Parent login using the email address associated with your Cuboree ’23 application.
  3. Create profile page for Child. Search for Cuboree!
  4. Search for Group Name
  5. Choose Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor or Coral Planting Great Barrier Reef
  6. Set a goal!
  7. You can now set up your child’s profile page and share to all your friends and families!

Suggested wording for Fundraising story

“Patrick” is headed to Cuboree ’23 next year and as part of the event they are raising funds for the environment, with every $20 raised going towards a new coral propagated or tree planted. The funds will also go towards a “colour explosion”, one afternoon of the event.

Any surplus funds will then be distributed evenly between all participants in the fund-raiser, reducing their overall attendance fee.

I’d love your support in this campaign, to donate, please use the link below.

For any questions

Email Tony Langler at