What We’ve Been Up To

Victor Scouts Supporting AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism

The aeiou foundation supports children with autism through one simple goal, to provide early intervention that enables children with autism to live their best lives. 

We know that Scouting appeals to all, including young people with autism, and have seen initiatives such as the training through Autism QLD to help provide practical strategies for inclusion.

Take a Hike is the aeiou foundation’s signature event to raise funds and awareness for autism.  On Sunday 16 October a group of Victor Scouts and their families came together to take part in this event, a 10km walk out and back from Captain Burke Park, Story Bridge, to Southbank.

Victor Scouts was the 10th highest fundraising team of the event raising $840 for the aeiou foundation!

This was a great opportunity to participate in a community event aligned to the Scouting values of inclusivity whilst coming together as a group and taking the opportunity to put in a few additional kilometres.

Leaders Reunion 

A group of past and present Leaders got together for a re-union of participants in Scout Stage 4 Course No 386 held in Feb/Mar 1990 at Wirraglen Adult and Youth Training Centre near Toowoomba on 26 November.
Of the 15 trainees and 5 staff on the Course, 5 trainees and 2 staff were able to attend. Many stories were told (a few tall ones) and a lot of laughs were exchanged.
From left – Greg Smythe (Course Leader), Graeme Cook, Graham Sondergeld, Ron Bowden (Staff), Cam Denyer, Eugene Thompson and Peter Williams.

The Gap Scout Group BP Award Presentation

The Gap Scout Group are proud to present former Gap Rover Scout, Nick Whiting, with his BP Award at the Den on Sunday 27 November.

Scouts, Leaders, DC Don Jameson and many friends shared in the celebration and cake!

Bravo Nick for becoming only the fifth Gap Scout to achieve the BP award!

Bunya Park Scout Group UN Local Hero Award

Bunya Park Scouts recently received the United Nations Local Hero Award for Planet at the National Peace Conference in Toowoomba on 25 November.

Bunya Park Scouts are a partner in the Model City of Peace and Harmony in Toowoomba project and have been involved in a number of city wide initiatives including supporting the Islamic Iftar, Pureland Learning College Events and Australia Day.

Bunya Park Scouts has also been involved in community environment events such as Council Tree Planting and Landcare projects. We provide a recycling centre where paper, scrap metal and cans and bottles can be dropped off.

It was a great honour to be nominated by Pureland Learning College and win the catergory. We look forward to working together in our community to work towards peace and harmony.

Morningside Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts Remembrance Day

Morningside Scout Group attended the Friends of Balmoral Cemetery Remembrance Day WWI war grave dedications in November.  The group is currently finding “unmarked” or damaged graves from WWI veterans and ensures they’re properly acknowledged.

This year it was extraordinary to be a part of the dedication to Private Tom Robinson – he is the first Indigenous War Grave to be found and acknowledged within Balmoral Cemetery.  The Cub Scouts gathered Stones locally for the gone home symbol and made the poppies at our den before wandering down to the service.

Joey Scout’s Adventurous Journey

On Saturday 12 November, Heidi G from the Birkdale Scout Group led some Joey Scouts on her Adventurous Journey at Whites Hill Reserve. There were city views, a koala sighting and lots of enthusiasm from all involved to make it to the top of the steep slope. Heidi did some fantastic planning which also included a risk identification table.


Birkdale Cub Scout’s SIA Recycling 

Introducing Rory G from Birkdale Cub Scouts.

As part of his SIA, he is promoting and collecting items that can be recycled at Indigiscapes in Capalaba, Officeworks and supermarkets. Items such as: pill packets, masks, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, ink cartridges and soft plastics.

He also ran an activity which was reusing bottle top lids and turning them into art.