Join in the Jamboree from your Home

Our Founder, Baden-Powell hoped that all young people could attend an international Gathering and as a result Jamborees are held.  Participating in a Scout Jamboree is one of the most exciting parts of our Scout program.  Whether it is an Australian Jamboree or one held internationally it is the time to make new friends, learn new skills and appreciate how other people live.

The 25th World Scout Jamboree will be held in Korea in August- while the Exhibition is on.  Forty-five thousand participants are expected and about 1000 of these are from Australia.  But we don’t all need to go to Korea. Each of us can participate in parts of this unique event from our own homes and Units.


Join in Jamboree activities will be offered that can be done by members in every Unit, leading up to and during the Jamboree period in July and August.  Mums and Dads can watch many of the activities with their children on You-tube.  All activities drive the empowering Jamboree theme of “Draw Your Dream”.

The programs will occur on-site and off-site and be themed around ‘ACT + 4S’. ACT stands for Adventure, Culture, and Tradition. The 4S comprise of Scouting for Life (S1), Smart & Scientific (S2), Safe & Secure (S3), and Sustainability (S4).  There are 61 on-site activities including hot air balloons, parasailing, BMX, ATV, VR, STEM robotics, water activities, bushcraft, pioneering.

21 off-site activities, will be hosted by 14 provinces and are full-day with some  overnight. They include biking from the jamboree site and camping overnight; visiting a beach and paddling a boat to camp on a nearby island; learning and practicing Tae Kwon Do; exploring an ancient village; staying overnight at a temple then hiking to a waterfall; riding a stand-up paddleboard; and participating in accident and disaster simulations.

There will also be many events, programs and activities happening concurrently on site including the Global Development Village exhibits, Faith and Beliefs Area, National pavilions, International Food Hall as well as badge trading, the massive opening and closing ceremonies and a culture day.  

Regardless of where we live, we can all join in parts of the World Scout Jamboree in August and Draw our Dreams for the future.  Program yourselves to enjoy some of the 25th World Scout Jamboree.


Great Scouting

Youth Program Team