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Form #NameIssue #Date
A1Application for Appointment - Adult Leader Member - Payment page updated, no new version issued at this stage2811/20
A1aChecklist - Signing Up a New Adult Member310/20
A5Youth Member Registration form3301/21
A6Scout Group Support - Resource Survey102/06
A8Youth Member Transfer Form603/07
A9Badge Application Form507/08
A10Adult Member Transfer Form911/03
A11 Resignation of an Adult Member804/06
A12Adult Development Plan1105/13
A15 Training Application503/21
A15FATraining Application First Aid312/20
A20Rover Indemnity Form1105/14
A33Enrolment and Indemnity of Youth Helper912/16
A37Commencement of a New Section606/14
A48Bank Transfer Requisition301/16
A49Appointment as a Personal Leader Advisor1511/18
A53Proficiency Badge Form206/15
A54Adult Continuance Advice within the Same Formation111/03
A58Request for a Training Course606/15
A60Supporter application form - Payment page updated, no new version issued at this stage811/20
A63Transfer of funds in One State Bank112/05
A69A69 - Application for Approval of Formation Auditor402/20
A70Direct Debit Request - Insurance Allocation Fee405/20
A72Media Release Request Form310/14
A73Publicity Authorisation Form310/15
A79Formation repayment plan - Direct Debit Request111/08
A80Aged Repayment Plan Agreement Form309/10
A81Nomination as Leader In Charge112/10
A86Declaration of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement (with fillable fields)203/18
A87Declaration of Gift Disclosure Form107/14
B1Registration of a District608/13
B2District Procedures612/12
B3Registration of a New Group505/14
B4Group Support Committee Rules (Issue 9)908/17
B5Annual Financial Return 2021Annual2021
B6Annual Property Return (Sent as customised form. Request a copy from BHQ)Annual
B8Region Procedures112/12
B9Campsite Management Committee Rules308/19
B10Request to Chief Commissioner to put Group into Recess or Closure107/20
C2Application for Approval to Camp or Travel Interstate603/14
C4C4 - Notification of Camp Outdoor Activity (Parents Consent Form)1203/18
C5Event Advice and Approval1011/18
D1Queen's Scout Award Nomination57/12
D1aGuide for the Queen's Scouts Award412/13
D6Recommendation for an Award for Gallantry or Meritorious ConductNational Form
D7Australian Scout Medallion Nomination401/12
D8Request for the Grey Wolf Award408/19
D9Request for the Promise Challenge312/16
D10Nomination for Baden-Powel Scout Award 607/20
D11Amateur Radio Badge Application107/14
Water Activities
E1Boat Certificate Application601/01
E2Boat Certificate
F1Insurance Claim Form504/12
F2Grant Application Checklist Gaming Grants-2017411/16
F3Application for Development Fund Loan410/07
F6Non-Member Activity Advice703/15
F8Child Abuse Report Form207/19
F9Development Fund Withdrawal Request112/19
F12Cloth Badge - Design Approval Cost Quotation503/16
F14 (1 of 5)In-Principle Building Application
Part A
F14 (2 of 5)Building Application Form Part B101/16
F14 (3 of 5)Building application Handbook Part A101/16
F14 (4 of 5)Building application Handbook Part B101/16
F14 (5 of 5)Building application Works Application flowchart new 2016--
F17No longer available. Contact Branch Commissioner International for arrangements.
F18Incident Report Form155/15
F19Hire Agreement with Terms and Conditions404/19
F20Application for permission to consume alcohol at a Scout function208/06
F21Scout Endowment fund110/05
F22Excellence sheet checklist211/18
F25General Activity Infant-Minor release discharge and indemnity102/09
F30Application for Rover Scout permission to consume alcohol at a Scout property106/13
F31Risk Assessment template (PDF Version)

Risk Assessment template (Word Version)
F33Form no longer available, refer to Branch Equipment hire form301/19
F34Scouts Debit Card Reconciliation104/19
F35Daily meetings task checklist (COVID-19)206/20
F36Den re-entry checklist (COVID-19)105/20
F37Covid Safe Attendance Register 107/20
F38Scout Group Audit Checklist (COVID-19) 109/20
F39Campground Activity Centre Audit Checklist (COVID-19) 109/20
Air Activities
G1Application for Approval to Fly508/09
G2aIndemnity Form - Air Activities1105/11
G2bIndemnity Form - Air Activities905/11
Scout Fellowship
G3Application for Issue of Scout Wings403/06
G4Air Activities course booking form510/14
SF1Registration of a Scout Fellowship203/06
SF2Rules of a Scout Fellowship403/06
Blue Card Forms
Apply for a Blue Card application, renewal or link to the organisation online
Other Forms
Credit Card Remittance Advice01/15
Rover Scout Forms
R1R1 - BRC Nomination Form 109/20
R2R2 - BRC Event Chair Nomination Form109/20
2021 ARA Nomination Form RPAv2
2020 RSA Nomination Form v1RSAv1112/20