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Take to the skies in 2023

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Activity days

  • A cost share activity flight in a modern Cessna 172
  • Close up aircraft inspections
  • Interactive aviation presentations
  • PC-based flight simulators

learn to fly

  • New Program Feature "Cleared for take off"
  • Aircraft available for flight training through our approved partner flying schools
  • We help Venturers, Rovers and Guides, Leaders and parents to achieve their dreams to learn to fly


What is the Air Activity Centre?
  • The Air Activities Centre was established in XXXX as an extension of Scouting activities for young people to experience the thrill of real flying and learn the fundamentals of flight.
  • All participants in a flight, share in the costs. The Centre operates under the rules and regulations of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
How safe is flying at Archerfield Air Activities Centre?
  • The Air Activities program has operated safely for over 40 years and flown over 30,000 members without incident. Our commitment to safety is reflected by our highly trained staff, pilots, instructors, management systems, maintenance and aircraft.
  • Our safety management systems require that each pilot is assessed by a senior instructor every 90 days, and meets flight recency requirements maintaining safety standards that substantially exceed Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements for pilot checking.
What Aircraft will I fly in?
  • The Air Activities Centre operates four Cessna C172  model R & S aircraft.
Who will fly the Scout Aircraft?
  • A selected group of experienced pilots are appointed by the Head of Flying Operations and State Commissioner to fly Air Activities.
  • Selection criteria for pilots include flying experience, competency, and communication skills.
What parents and Leaders need to know
  • Your Group must arrive by 8:30am for all Air Activities and the day will usually conclude around 3pm dependent upon the number of attendees and any weather delays that may be experienced. We suggest packing lunch, picnic blanket, sunscreen, and hats. There are free gas BBQ and picnic facilities available. Soft drinks, tea & coffee and Air Activity Centre merchandise is available for sale.
  • On arrival, the Leader will be asked to complete a flight manifest (if not forwarded to the AAC prior) to confirm each person flying and participating.  To be able to fly in the four-seater aircraft, the group will be split into subsets of 3 people. It is a safety requirement that participants will be individually weighed prior to the flight. There will be strict adherence to a total calculated permissable weight for each flight.
  • We suggest organising games or other activities to entertain your group while waiting to depart. There is adequate space available for wide games.
  • The Air Activities Centre will roster a Pilot-In-Charge and Ground-In-Charge for the day, with additional supporting pilots, ground safety crew and reception officer to suit the numbers booked for the day

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