World Environment Day (5th June 2015)

Join Environment Online (ENO) at in their 2015 Treelympics 21st March to 24th October 2015. Join and help them plant 100 million trees by 2017, a pledge made at the Rio+20 Summit in 2012.

So far, with plantings and commitments from governments, the number stands at 91.7 million trees but they still need more help. Why not register your own tree planting site?

Do it for World Environment Day or plan it for National Tree Day (Sunday 26th July).

Calendar Dates

2nd May Joey Scouts Rocky Creek
9th May Cub Scouts Eprapah
16-17 May Venturer Scouts Environment Tape
30th May Scouts Eprapah
13th June Cub Scouts (Waterwise) Eprapah
20th June Joey Scouts Eprapah


Email: Ph: 3870 7000