JOEY SCOUT JAUNT 2015Joey Scouts

This year our theme is Knights of the Joey Scout Circle and we are inviting all Leaders and Joey Scouts to attend in appropriate costumes. Have you completed and sent your registration form, don’t forget Joey Scout Jaunt is just one month away. Remember, after setting up your bases please have your vehicles off Boys Field by 9.00am and be ready to commence after opening parade. There will be a Campfire at 2.30pm followed by a birthday cake celebrating our 25 years as a Joey Scout Section.
When registering your Mob can you also tell me what base you are running so that I can advertise this ahead of time. For the registration form and more information please go to the Queensland Scout website.


Great work with all the Joey Scout Promise Challenge applications been received at QSC. I do have a concern though with the growing trend for Leaders not completing the comments area. This area is for you as the Leader completing the form to provide information detailing the work the Joey Scout did to meet the criteria. It is important for me to receive this information as part of the process and for statistical purposes.
I would like this trend to cease, and from the distribution of this month’s Encompass any applications received with this area not completed will be sent back to the Leader for completion before the certificate is generated.
I look forward to everyone’s cooperation in addressing this matter.


Don’t forget to celebrate World Scout Scarf Day, what a wonderful idea for promoting Scouting within the community and the World. As Joey Scout Leaders and Joey Scouts, let’s do our part in promoting scouting on this special day by wearing our scarf proudly to work or school. The idea of World Scout Scarf Day on August 1 is for all active and former Scouts to wear their scarf to make the “spirit of Scouting” visible: once a Scout – always a Scout! More information can be found at

Why not send your photos to or Twitter @ScoutsQLD or Facebook Scouts Queensland.

Upcoming events:

Brisbane Gang Show – 04 July 2015 to 11 July 2015
Joey Scout Jaunt – Saturday 1 August 2015 at BP Park Samford
Skillorama – Saturday 05 September 2015 @ Redcliffe Show Grounds, Redcliffe.

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David Cruse (Kookaburra)
Branch Commissioner Joey Scouts