When the Joey Scout section was introduced and commenced in Queensland in 1990 it was determined that Joey Scouts would not be required to wear a scout uniform, but would wear a scarf and a woggle with normal clothes. A special woggle was developed (similar to the one shown) which also contained the World Scout emblem in the centre of the woggle, a unique woggle to the Joey Scout section.

With the change in scout uniform, and the introduction of a new Joey Scout uniform this unique woggle was now determined unnecessary (as the World Scout Emblem is worn on the uniform), and was replaced with the Queensland Scout woggle. I and others felt this was a sad occasion as the section had lost this iconic woggle to progress with no possible return.

After discussions with Kirsty Brown, Chief Commissioner for Queensland, approval has been received for the reintroduction of this iconic woggle (as above) into the Joey Scout section, and I was very happy when we were able to purchase and receive these woggles in time for Joey Scout Jaunt 2015. A big thank you goes to Lesley Hansen, Retail Manager Scout Shop, for her assistance and support in purchasing these woggles in such a quick manner.

Our special Joey Scout woggle is back, and I would ask all Joey Scout Leaders to now use the Joey Scout woggle when investing your new Joey Scouts into the Mob – even wear the woggle yourself when meeting with your Mob. The woggles are now available through the Scout Shop costing $3.85 each.



Well if you missed Gang Show this year then you have missed another great performance. Watching the performers deliver their acts, and the reaction of the audience, was certainly a measuring instrument in the enjoyment received from such wonderful performers.

To everyone involved congratulations on a wonderful job and keep up the good work.

The Joey and Cub Scout matinees held on Saturday the 4th July and 11th July 2015 were well attended by both sections.

If you have not already scheduled the next season into your calendar, then I would suggest you do it as soon as possible.


There are times when there is a spare moment between a game, a craft, while waiting for the next activity or just before closing parade when you want to keep the Joey Scouts busy, following are some one minute challenges you may wish to try with your Mob:

Minute Challenge

Minute Challenge

Challenge Joey Scouts to count how many times they can stand up and sit down in a minute? Joey Scouts are paired, a beanbag on the shoulder of one of the Joey Scouts. How many times can they take the beanbag and put it on their own shoulder in a minute?
How many times can each Joey Scout touch all four walls in a minute, either before time runs out, or before they’re exhausted (never happen)? Do a bunny hop for a minute, and count how many times they can go around set objects, say pylons or chairs. Make it harder. Do a frog hop. 

Upcoming events:

Skillorama – Saturday 05 September 2015 @ Redcliffe Show Grounds, Redcliffe.

Quote – Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough …… Og Mandino


 David Cruse (Kookaburra)
Branch Commissioner Joey Scouts