On the 13th August 331 Australians from every Branch in Australia returned home ending a four week trip of a lifetime to Japan and the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

Our trip began with a 10 day pre tour throughout Japan beginning in Tokyo with activities including Disney Sea, Tokyo Sky Tree, Mt Fuji and the thrilling day spent White Water Rafting before our first Bullet Train ride took us to Kyoto and onward the following day to our one night stay in the traditional Buddhist temple at Mt Koya. One more day of excitement followed as we visited Universal Studios before the bullet train took us to Shin Yamaguchi, our entry point to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

Over the proceeding 10 days our scouts got to immerse themselves in a cultural, physical and peace themed programme including bases such as the Global Development Village, Science, Water Activities and a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on this the 70th anniversary year of the dropping of the atomic bomb. When not doing planned activities our scouts could be found doing free time activities, badge swapping or in the food plaza mingling with the 32000 other attendees of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

The 8th of August brought a close to our time at the jamboree and our scouts were bussed off to their three nights of home hospitality with Japanese families to once again immerse themselves in the full Japanese culture one that is very different to our own.

On return we all got together for our final contingent dinner in Osaka before heading to two different airports the following day to start the journey home bringing to an end our four week stay in Japan.

If you’re reading this and are interested in attending a World Scout Jamboree the 24th World Scout Jamboree is being held in America in July 2019 so start saving now and look out for the opening of applications.

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Shane Troyahn

Deputy Australian Contingent Leader

23rd World Scout Jamboree Japan


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Christian Trinder a Venturer Scout from Banksia Scout Group has recently returned from the World Scout Jamboree in Japan where there were 30,000 people from 135 regions, countries and territories. The following is his account to the World Jamboree.

The Theme of the Jamboree was WA: a Spirit of Unity. The program was based on the concepts of world peace and harmony between nature and humankind.

Although the camp part of the jamboree was held in Yama-Guchi we went all along the south of Japan to world famous cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima for the pre tour. For the three days we spent at home stay at the scenic Seto Island. (An event where we stayed with a host family who showed us Japanese ways and customs.)

The multiple activities offered at the world jamboree were designed to help us understand our world and how it worked. By working alongside the other countries we aimed to achieve a common goal much in line with the theme of the jamboree “A Spirit of Unity.”

My major highlights about this camp were interacting with the other cultures and meeting new people who were very friendly. I met incredible people who were funny, outgoing and kind but the most important person I met, who connected with all in his small way was the line leader of my patrol, foxtrot three.

I felt that it was an experience of a life time and I made life long memories and learnt valuable lessons. The world is bigger than I thought it was and I can’t wait to learn more about it.

Christian’s mother Joanne Trinder accompanied him on the trip and her account of the trip is as follows: The Jamboree was a wonderful, exciting and challenging experience.  It opened your mind to new possibilities.  To spend two weeks working, playing and enjoying the company of so many nationalities, gave me great hope for the future.  That we as a people can work as one towards one common goal and prevent events that happened in Hiroshima, almost 70 years ago.  To be part of an event where you can meet so many people from such diverse backgrounds at breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoying not only a meal together but all working towards the beliefs in scouting.  We both developed new friendships, new skills, and learnt a lot about ourselves and our friends.  It was great touring and seeing the sites that Japan offered.  If you have an opportunity to attend a World Jamboree, it will be an unforgettable and worthwhile experience and may encourage you to follow your wildest dreams.

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